IBM Introduces New Service To Remotely Manage And Support Customer Data Centers

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ARMONK, N.Y - 29 Jan 2004: IBM today unveiled a new IT service -- based on a hybrid IT outsourcing model -- in which IBM remotely automates, manages and supports a customer's multi-platform data center, while the customer retains ownership of all IT systems and staff. The new flexible support service helps customers improve the utilization and cost management of their data centers.

Developed for clients that own and operate their own IT equipment, software and staff, the new flexible support service uses proven IBM technology to remotely manage a client's data center. The new service is based on Universal Management Infrastructure (UMI), an innovative IT framework created by the IBM Global Services e-Technology Center, and expands the ways in which IBM can help clients become more responsive, flexible, on demand businesses. The same technologies are already being used by IBM IT outsourcing clients to allow a fully customized on demand IT environment, in which IBM takes responsibility for IT equipment, software and staff.

"Our on demand strategy is driving change in IBM," said Richard Horton, general manager, Strategic Outsourcing, IBM Global Services. "We are capturing the know-how we've built up from more than a decade of IT outsourcing experience, and combining it with new technology and a pipeline of innovation from IBM Research into new services that help clients transform their business."

"Today's announcement is a great example -- it's an innovative service from IBM that offers customers a new, hybrid IT outsourcing model," he added.

Using IBM For IT Transformation
More than a decade ago, companies brought tough business discipline to manufacturing operations that were sprawling, underutilized and inefficient. This focus on quality initiatives, consolidation and metrics brought tremendous productivity gains. Today, customers are applying the same thinking to their IT systems.

The new IBM flexible support service helps customers become more responsive to business needs by using technology that automates, manages and supports data center functions. For example, the service features novel sense-and-respond server and storage provisioning which increases or decreases computing capacity in real time, as demand changes.

The IBM flexible support service helps customers determine which key infrastructure components best support an on demand computing environment, as well as the IT modifications necessary to generate the greatest business impact. These changes are then prioritized and implemented within the UMI framework, enabling the customer to benefit from an IT infrastructure that is flexible, scaleable, automated and able to respond to demanding business requirements.

The new flexible support service is part of IBM's Infrastructure Management offerings portfolio (formerly known under the code-name "Project Symphony"), an initiative to deliver IT automation technologies and services. Ranging from innovative software management products to integrated solutions deployed on a customer's premise or delivered remotely, they are part of a growing range of infrastructure and automation offerings developed to help lower the cost and increase the resilience of data centers. Other new offerings include Infrastructure Management Assessment Services, Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator software and Web Server Orchestration, a blade server-based Web and application server automation solution.

The flexible support service is available immediately.

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