ISV Adoption of Lotus Workplace Continues to Grow

ISV Advantage One of the Key Partner Programs Accelerating Lotus Collaboration Technology Enablement Among Medium Business Customers Worldwide

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ORLANDO, FL - 26 Jan 2004: IBM today announced new technical and marketing programs to support the growing adoption of Lotus Workplace software across key segments of IBM's 65,000 independent software vendor (ISV) community and business partner programs worldwide.

Recognizing the need to provide ISVs and customers with collaboration technology to help them integrate people with business processes easily and efficiently, IBM is extending the availability of Lotus Workplace through initiatives with its ISV and partner community. Developing open, collaborative applications using Lotus Workplace is the next key step for ISVs and customers to transform themselves into on demand e-businesses.

ISV Advantage
The ISV Advantage initiative, which is designed to provide select SMB-focused ISVs with technical and marketing support, is the first IBM-wide global partner program to advocate Lotus Workplace technical enablement and go-to-market activities among its members. ISV Advantage will promote Lotus Workplace as one of the core offerings for ISVs to develop collaboration solutions tailored to their SMB and vertical industry specific needs. More than a dozen ISV Advantage partners are already benefiting from the Lotus Workplace platform. ISV Advantage is among the various IBM programs that will help companies develop and deliver vertical industry tailored solutions.

Ascendant Technology, iCore effective, Interchange Solutions, J&J Dreger Consulting GmbH, and VAI are among the first ISV Advantage partners to take advantage of the Lotus Workplace offering.

In less than nine months, ISV Advantage has outpaced the competition, attracting more than 155 ISVs worldwide who are migrating to IBM's open standards-based WebSphere and DB2 middleware and going to market with IBM as a partner of choice. Expanding the program to include Lotus Workplace will help ensure that ISVs deliver a comprehensive collaboration platform to better fulfill customer demands.

Ready for IBM Lotus Workplace
The Ready for IBM Lotus Workplace initiative provides ISVs with critical components that will help them adopt and execute an e-business on demand strategy.

Through the new Ready for Lotus Workplace program, ISVs can test their products against pre-established technical criteria and ensure compatibility with Lotus Workplace. Upon completion of product validation, ISVs will be able to display the Ready for Lotus Workplace logo in qualified offerings packaging, specifications and marketing materials. Qualified ISVs can also participate in and benefit from cross-brand IBM campaigns to help increase customer awareness and differentiate themselves in the market. Ready for IBM Workplace will be available by the end of Q1 2004.

"IBM has built on years of success in the collaboration industry and is extending that expertise through Lotus Workplace to our tens of thousands business partners worldwide," said Buell Duncan, general manager, ISV and Developer Relations. "Dynamic workplaces are a key part of IBM's on demand roadmap, and ISVs who adopt this operating environment can realize huge growth opportunities. Expanding the scope of all our worldwide partner programs this year, beginning with ISV Advantage, will ensure that ISVs have access to key open standards-based products on which to build and market competitive solutions, as well as evolve into on demand businesses."

The demand for integrated, collaborative software with security features is driving the convergence of several major markets, including collaboration, portal and content management. According to IDC, this combined market opportunity is expected to reach $13 billion by 2007.

Many companies understand the need to transform themselves -- step by step into more integrated, adaptive and responsive enterprises. They are seeking an open, collaborative foundation on which to build customized applications and business solutions -- such as e-meetings, instant messaging, and Web content management -- that can be deployed across a variety of computing platforms. ISVs who adopt Lotus Workplace are taking a key step in IBM's On Demand Roadmap for ISVs. They can then help customers integrate people, information and business processes in the front office, brand office, store front or at the user site -- all critical factors in allowing companies to more effectively respond to customer demands and changing market opportunities.

The new Lotus Workplace products provide an integrated platform that can help enhance employee productivity and enable collaboration across an entire value chain. Instead of dealing with a dozen separate applications to meet their business needs, the Lotus Workplace gives employees a combination of collaborative capabilities and tools that can be tailored to their specific work environment. Lotus Workplace plays a major role in IBM's on demand operating environment as technology that can help customers customize, deploy, integrate and manage their applications at a lower cost. The on demand operating environment is an open foundation that enables ISVs to build, deploy and manage applications that are integrated, virtualized and automated.

Technical Support
Business partners will have access to technical expertise and resources at IBM's Solution Partnership Centers (SPCs) and Innovation Centers for e-business On Demand worldwide, which will help them speed Lotus Workplace application development and time to market. The SPCs offer easy on-site and remote access to a comprehensive set of porting, testing and enabling services on the latest IBM eServer and middleware technologies, as well as workshops and technical seminars.

IBM has also integrated the Lotus Developer Domain into its overall developerWorks site offerings, further expanding its support for Lotus developers. The new site, developerWorks Lotus (, functions as a technical resource, product-testing environment, and product showcase. Developers can also find free downloads, demos, a technical library and information on Lotus products and developer events.

Marketing Activities
IBM will also work closely with Lotus Workplace business partners to expand their visibility in target vertical industries through various co-marketing and sales activities, such as:

ISV Advantage Initiative is administered by PartnerWorld for Developers, the developer resource for IBM Business Partners. It is a worldwide program designed to help software developers reach broader markets, lower their costs of doing business, and take their products to market faster. For more information, visit or call 1-800-426-9990 in North America, 1-770-863-2048 outside North America.

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