NetScaler Chooses IBM for Improved Laptop Security

IBM Security Subsystem and Intel Centrino Help Keep Customer Information Secure

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. - 10 Dec 2003: IBM today announced that NetScaler, Inc., the application intelligent networking company, has chosen to deploy IBM ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops equipped with Intel technology and IBM's Embedded Security Subsystem to better protect the information of its high-profile Web clients.

In a solution that includes IBM eServer xSeries servers, NetScaler, a mid-sized business specializing in the secure delivery of applications, will use the secure IBM ThinkPad T40 notebooks and ThinkCentre S50 desktops for its field sales and support. Using ThinkPad notebooks equipped with the Embedded Security Subsystem and Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, NetScaler employees can travel with confidence from business to business knowing that the proprietary data stored on their notebooks is protected. With a customer base that includes three of the top five largest Internet properties in the world, it is vital that NetScaler employees keep confidential data secure. Planning to implement wireless networking tied to the Embedded Security Subsystem in the near future, NetScaler chose IBM's ThinkPad T40 notebooks, optimized for Intel Centrino Mobile Technology.

"Eliminating just one security incident can mean the difference between keeping and losing a client," says Zane Taylor, NetScaler's senior director of operations. "As a secure application networking company, we are especially mindful of the consequences of not having the right security solutions. IBM has the right combination of technology and expertise to give us the assurance that our important data is protected."

Before deployment, NetScaler participated in a pilot program supported by TechprodX, an IBM business partner. Recognizing that IBM provides the world's most secure PCs (1), TechprodX demonstrated how NetScaler could protect its customer information through the use of the system. IBM's Client Security Password Manager, for example, replaces multiple passwords with a single passphrase. This reduces the need for password reset calls to the help desk and helps protect the NetScaler sales force, which uses ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops equipped with Intel Pentium 4 processors and Hyper-Threading (HT) technology. Also included is the "on-the-fly" file and folder encryption, which saves the user time and effort with automatic encryption. To encrypt a file, a NetScaler employee simply places it in a designated file.

To manage overall operations and infrastructure, NetScaler is also deploying IBM eServer xSeries x235 and x345 servers. Designed for intelligent systems management, the IBM eServer xSeries servers offer the best tools in the industry and saves time and money by increasing application availability, tracking assets, optimizing performance and enabling remote maintenance. In deploying the IBM eServer xSeries servers with IBM Director, the industry-leading client/server workgroup manager, NetScaler will be able to realize maximum system availability and lower IT costs. And because NetScaler is using IBM Director software, IT administrators can view and track the hardware configuration of remote systems in detail and monitor the usage and performance of critical components, such as processors, disks and memory.

Implementing IBM ESS, IBM Director and other IBM ThinkVantage Technologies will help NetScaler sharply reduce the IT management costs over the lifecycle of the products. Today's economic constraints and pressures have caused IT managers to focus more on lifecycle costs and return on investment. By utilizing IBM's software tools suite, IBM ThinkVantage Technologies, NetScaler will be able to maintain and support a secure IT system more efficiently, with less hassle and fewer resources.