Locus Pharmaceuticals Taps Into IBM Supercomputing Power to Propel AIDS Drug Research

IBM Deep Computing on Demand Helps Drive Search for Cure

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BLUE BELL, PA - 02 Dec 2003: IBM today announced that Locus Pharmaceuticals will utilize supercomputing power from IBM's Deep Computing Capacity on Demand center to power research and drug design for viral infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

Locus Pharmaceuticals develops novel small molecule therapeutics to address crucial medical needs.

Locus' research in drug discovery is based on proprietary algorithms for the de novo design of drug molecules. These algorithms provide the power to successfully tackle therapeutic targets that lie beyond the reach of conventional methods. When tightly integrated with chemistry and biology, the technology can shorten the cycle time for generating innovative medicines in some cases by years. To improve research efficiencies, Locus will leverage IBM's Deep Computing Capacity on Demand compute power to increase capacity of its existing 2.3 teraflop supercomputing infrastructure. Locus scientists will tap into power from an IBM eServer Cluster system of xSeries servers with Intel Xeon 32-bit processors running the Linux operating system.

"IBM computer scientists have worked with us to optimize our algorithms for their environment, delivering a dramatic increase in computing speed," said Jeff Wiseman, Vice President of Technology and Informatics, Locus Pharmaceuticals. "This impressive reduction in computational runtimes will allow us, for the first time, to obtain results in real time. By coupling increased speed with increased access to computing power, we will expand our project capacity by a factor of four, allowing us to consider even more critical disease targets. The flexibility, reliability and availability of IBM's on demand computing power will allow us to concentrate on the design of drug molecules, and in turn expand our drug discovery partner and client base."

"Customers like Locus Pharmaceuticals are critical to medical research, and having the ability to tap into IBM's supercomputing power will allow them to concentrate on their core business strengths," said David Turek, vice president, IBM Deep Computing. "Our Deep Computing Capacity on Demand center gives companies, large and small, access to the kind of supercomputing power necessary to perform complex calculations on massive amounts of data, while simultaneously reducing infrastructure and operating costs."

IBM's Deep Computing Capacity on Demand center, located in Poughkeepsie, New York, is accessible to customers worldwide via a secure VPN connection over the Internet. Designed for scalability to meet variable peak demand workloads, the Deep Computing Capacity on Demand operating environment consists of a virtualized cluster of IBM eServer models with related disk storage, network infrastructure, software and services.