Leading European Performance Center Selects IBM Supercomputer For Grand Challenge Projects

HLRN Takes Delivery of One of the World's Most Powerful Supercomputers

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Hannover / Berlin, Germany - 21 Jun 2002: HLRN, the High Performance Computing Center for North Germany has selected IBM eServer p690 as the clustered technology to support its supercomputing infrastructure. Based on IBM's award winning POWER4 technology, the supercomputer will be one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, delivering four trillion calculations per second. It will be located at the University of Hannover (RRZN) and the Konrad-Zuse-Institute Berlin (ZIB), some 300km apart, and will be used for research into physics, chemistry and life sciences, as well as mathematical and climate modeling.

The IBM supercomputer will form the basis of HLRN's grid infrastructure providing all universities and research institutes within Germany's six Northern Federal states - Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen and Schleswig Holstein - with accurate analysis and mathematical models to describe complex scientific and technical processes, and social and economic phenomena such as environmental research, climate research, coastal and offshore and maritime research. The secure system will also deploy computing power between the six locations as additional computing power is needed by the highly complex projects.

Thomas Oppermann, Minister of Science and Cultural Affairs for Lower Saxony confirms that this investment underlines the teaming of the North German countries taking part in the computer network. Minister Oppermann says, "The cooperation between states across such widespread geographical areas, particularly in this area of science, is trend-setting. It demonstrates the new level of computing we've reached and the need for cooperation as the calculations get more complex and the need for performance increases."

"This installation significantly strengthens the scientific facilities in North Germany and confirms their place in the supercomputing premier league," says Dr. Ulla Thiel, IBM's Director of Scientific & Technical Computing in EMEA. "The universities and research institutes require powerful technology solutions to execute today's complex calculations, application developments and optimizations. This system provides leading edge technology that will support HLRN as it continues to expand its performance requirements."

The supercomputer will be fully installed in the Hannoverand Berlin sites by Summer 2002, replacing existing supercomputers.