IBM Japan Announces New Services for Heterogeneous Server Environments

Support across multi-vendor mid-range server platforms

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Tokyo, Japan - 14 Nov 2003: IBM Japan Ltd has announced Midrange Server Solution services to integrate and operate, UNIX, Linux and Windows-based servers, including other vendors' products.

Services include outsourcing and server integration services. The new services, which became available beginning November 1, support multi-vendor environments and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), including operation and maintenance.

Under outsourcing services provided under the Midrange Server Solution, dedicated staff operates servers within UNIX, Linux, and Windows environments for multiple customers. Previously, support for other vendors' servers was handled on a per - customer basis.

The shared systems are focused on such areas as regular operations, technical support and supervision of outsourced IBM eServer™ products and other vendors' servers. Teams with expertise in a specific industry will be responsible for customers within that industry. Through these shared operations, companies can expect to increase the quality of operating services and reduce their operating costs, as compared with traditional outsourcing in which dedicated operators are assigned to operate individual systems on a per customer basis.

The Midrange Server Solution's integration services are designed to build optimal integrated, standardized server environments. IBM Japan has created a cross-department virtual organization consisting of hardware, software and outsourcing specialists that will transform customer system environments to reduce TCO. Another benefit of this Midrange Server solution will be the reduction of servers and staff, leading to cost reductions and improved availability.

This Midrange Server Solution also will be available in other parts of the Asia Pacific region from IBM Global Services.

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