IBM Enhances Support For Microelectronics Solution Developers

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EAST FISHKILL, NY - 24 Jun 2002: IBM today announced it is enhancing its support for solution developers and enablement partners working with its semiconductor products.

As part of the new initiative, third-party companies that validate and test their software, design solutions or hardware to work with IBM semiconductor products can use in their marketing efforts a new logo from IBM that says "Ready for IBM Technology."

The mark could appear in the provider's print media, trade show promotions, marketing collateral and on-line Web pages.

If a solution developer carries the easily-recognizable mark, the buyer of that solution, generally an original equipment manufacturer, will quickly see that the third-party's technology has been pre-configured to work in combination with a wide variety IBM's chip solutions, including PowerPC, PowerNP network processors, PowerPRS switch technology products or IBM's Infiniband products, known as InfiniBlue.

The current list of solution developers using the new mark includes IP Infusion, MontaVista Software, NextHop, PrimeLayer, Silicon & Software Systems and Spider Software. IBM expects the list will expand over time.

"The Ready for IBM Technology program is based on a simple idea: make sure the complete business solution is validated," said Armando Garcia, vice president of network processing for the IBM Microelectronics Division. "It helps customers understand that a wide variety of IBM chip solutions will be installed and operating smoothly from day one and also provide a fast path for future growth."

The visual identifier is another step forward in IBM's effort to continue growing its semiconductor "standard products" business. IBM is also a major industry player in foundry and custom, application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips. The support of third-party software, hardware and service providers helps IBM expand its standard-product appeal to network, computer system or consumer electronic manufacturers by bringing additional value to the solution a customer purchases.

"Our new program will help depict how advanced and accessible our standard products truly are and how they are becoming more of an enabler in the offerings of well-known solution developers," Garcia added.