IBM Delivers New Database Software to Extend Business Information to Mobile Workers

Enables Remote Employees to Respond Faster to Customers, Boost Productivity and Sharpen Their Competitive Edge

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SOMERS, NY - 11 Nov 2003: IBM today announced new software that extends the reach of business information to handheld computing devices. The new database software provides customers with real-time access to business information, enabling mobile employees to tap into critical data to respond faster to customer needs and be more productive.

DB2 Everyplace version 8 software provides new ease of use capabilities that enables developers and administrators to simplify mobile application development and administration. The new software is now fully automated, requiring no administration by the end user, while providing federated access and synchronization capabilities to employees across the enterprise. Additionally, developers can slash mobile application development time in half with enhanced platform support.

Businesses today are looking to extend company information into the hands of an increasingly mobile workforce, and industry experts indicate the number of mobile professionals and mobile data collectors will reach nearly 50 million worldwide by 2005. IBM is responding to customer demand with new mobile database solutions that are easy to use and take advantage of existing IT investments.

DB2 Everyplace gives mobile workers the ability to query, retrieve, and modify information in real-time from the widest variety of applications and data sources, including information stored in competitive offerings such as Oracle and Microsoft. Now customers can more easily access and share business information using mobile devices such as smart phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and laptops.

Today's announcement builds on last week's news, introducing DB2 Everyplace Express to help mid-size customers deploy mobile database technology faster and easier. DB2 Everyplace Express offers the same features of DB2 Everyplace, including self-managing capabilities to simplify and automate many of the tasks required to manage a mobile computing environment.

Increased Productivity
DB2 Everyplace is designed to increase employee productivity by seamlessly delivering a company's business applications directly to mobile employees in the field. The new software enables an employee to work anytime, anywhere regardless if connected to a network.

For example, DB2 Everyplace enables a global sales person to enter new orders and retrieve customer information in real-time using PDAs. DB2 Everyplace software automatically synchronizes the new customer information with the company's backend business applications and database, which can be downloaded to each sales person's PDA in the field. As a result, DB2 Everyplace is now a competitive differentiator that keeps the sales team up to date and enables them to respond to customer demand at market speed.

New features in DB2 Everyplace version 8 include:

All DB2 Everyplace offerings come with a free Mobile Application Builder (MAB) that enables rapid application development for hand held devices without writing a single line of code. The software features drag-and-drop application development environment that simplifies application creation by eliminating the need for extensive hand coding. MAB supports devices based on the PalmOS, and any device supporting Java.

In addition, DB2 Everyplace technology extends IBM's Pervasive Computing strategy, making it easier for customers to connect any type of device to any type of network to access any type of data.

DB2 Everyplace Express Edition
DB2 Everyplace Express is the latest offering in IBM's Express portfolio of products specifically priced and designed for medium-sized business. The new software furthers IBM's commitment to extend database technology to medium-sized businesses.

DB2 Everyplace Express is designed for deployment in a departmental or small business environment and offers customers the same features as DB2 Everyplace. DB2 Express can be deployed on Windows or Linux running up to two CPUs.

The software is offered at an attractive price for smaller installations while still providing customers with a full function mobile data solution. DB2 Everyplace Express users are licensed individually as registered users with no limitation on the number of mobile devices per user.

Availability and Pricing
DB2 Everyplace runs on the widest variety of mobile and embedded platforms in the industry, including PalmOS, Microsoft Windows CE/Pocket PC, Symbian, embedded Linux, QNX Neutrino, Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux.

DB2 Everyplace version 8 and DB2 Everyplace Express are available immediately from IBM direct sales and authorized resellers. DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition is $15,000 per processor with unlimited users, which includes the small-footprint database and DB2 Sync Server.

DB2 Everyplace Express Edition is $379 per server (up to two processors) and $79 per user. IBM also offers DB2 Everyplace Database Edition priced at $49 per user without the DB2 Sync Server option.

For more information on DB2 Everyplace offerings, visit

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