IBM Introduces New Opteron Superclusters for High Performance Computing

New Opteron Processor Based IBM System Screams on Industry Benchmarks With 48 Processors -- Demolishes Performance of HP Superdome With 64 Processors

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ARMONK, NY - 04 Nov 2003: IBM today announced the industry's first pre-packaged and tested Opteron™ processor-powered super cluster. The new IBM eServer® 1350 supercluster provides unmatched flexibility to simultaneously run 32- and 64-bit applications.

IBM also announced that the core of this new cluster offering -- the IBM eServer 325 (e325) with only 48 Opteron processors -- had soared to #1 on two crucial industry benchmarks for high performance computing, demolishing existing marks held by the 64-processor HP Superdome.

The new IBM eServer Cluster 1350 combines the powerful IBM eServer 325 system with an expanded range of management and storage systems to help customers reduce the complexity of deploying and managing Linux clusters. Combining Open Source software and industry standard hardware, Linux clusters provide customers access to the power of a supercomputer at a fraction of the price.

"We are leading the competition by offering customers an expanded set of building blocks for Deep Computing that provide the power behind everything from petroleum exploration to digital animation," said David Turek, vice president, IBM Deep Computing. "Customers in all segments, including the very high-end, are no longer interested in building their own systems. The IBM eServer Cluster 1350 gives customers a dependable solution with a shortened deployment time."

New Benchmarks Demonstrate e325 High-Performance Leadership
The IBM eServer 325 delivered leadership performance running the Small and Medium workloads of SPEC CHEM2002, one of three benchmarks in the SPEC HPC2002 suite, with the:

The e325 is designed for the demanding scientific and technical computing environments. Its high-performance computing capability and integrated memory controller virtually eliminating the bottleneck issues traditionally found in processor to memory bandwidth. The IBM eServer 325 utilizes the 2 GHz AMD Opteron processor.

Virtue of Integration
IBM offers one of the broadest range of pre-tested, factory built configurations based on industry-leading performance and technology. In addition to the new e325, the Cluster 1350 can be built with any combination of IBM eServer BladeCenter HS20 systems, IBM eServer xSeries® 335 and 345 systems. Pre-testing and integration confirms that the systems work effectively together. The cluster can also combine IBM eServer x345 or x360 storage nodes, as well as an eServer x345 management node, all using Intel® Xeon™ processors running at speeds up to 3.06 GHz.

Powerful clusters
The eServer 325 includes a choice of AMD 240, 242 or 246 Opteron processors. Designed to run either Linux or Windows operating systems, the eServer 325 provides high performance computing customers with increased performance and a seamless transition for migrating from 32- to 64-bit server technology, safeguarding existing software investments. Additionally the eServer 325 can run both 32- and 64-bit applications simultaneously, providing customers with flexibility to effectively manage their business.

Cluster Management and Storage Options
The IBM Cluster Management Software (CSM) was developed specifically to address needs of cluster customers and automates repetitive tasks and error detection to enhance problem avoidance and rapid problem resolution. CSM provides a manageability advantage for dense server clusters as a part of IBM autonomic computing. CSM for the Cluster 1350 is the Linux version of the same software the powered IBM's famous Deep Blue chess-playing supercomputer.

IBM is further enhancing this powerful software package with the introduction of the new Linux Cluster Install Tool (LCIT). The LCIT will assist in the deployment and management of the cluster by providing a greater level of automation during installation.