IBM Launches WebSphere Portal Developers' Site & Expands Resources For Partners To Customize, Deploy & Sell IBM WebSphere Portal

Also Ships New Version Of WebSphere Portal & Welcomes 14 New Portlet Providers

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SOMERS, NY - 26 Jun 2002: IBM today announced new Business Partner relationships and resources aimed at developers, customers and resellers that make IBM WebSphere Portal -- a new version of which began shipping today, after having been made electronically available earlier this month -- even easier and more attractive to sell, buy, customize and deploy.

Working toward providing better and more easily accessible technical information about WebSphere Portal, IBM launched the WebSphere Portal Zone within its WebSphere Developer Domain Web site, consolidating relevant support information into one convenient place. The WebSphere Portal Zone provides technical articles, product documentation, portlet development information, tutorials, and other information to make using WebSphere Portal easier.

IBM is also launching a site that will streamline the portlet development process for software vendors. The Web site will equip them with the discussion groups, code, information and forms to more easily and automatically create, test, and submit portlets for placement in the portlet catalogue. If open standards are employed, developers can use the site to create portlets for both IBM and non-IBM-based portals. In addition, an improved, searchable portlet catalogue now offers descriptions in five languages.

In other partner relationship news, IBM is now including WebSphere Portal in its StartNow Solutions offerings, which will enable channel partners to easily include WebSphere Portal as part of e-infrastructure and collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Building on the major announcement last week that i2 will package and resell ("OEM") IBM WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Application Server for inclusion with i2 applications, IBM is announcing 14 new companies joining the IBM PartnerWorld Portlet Providers Offering, and who are developing portlets for IBM WebSphere Portal.

IBM has also just developed portlets that enable portal users to more easily connect to SAP human resource applications. This brings the number of new portlet providers announced by IBM in the last 90 days alone to 52, and demonstrates the significant partner acceptance and market traction IBM is experiencing with IBM WebSphere Portal.

IBM's portal product forms the technological core of its new Dynamic Workplaces initiative, which shares with IBM customers the same technologies and services that IBM has itself used to bolster efficiencies, streamline its business, and make its employees more nimble and productive.

"We have outstanding market demand for IBM WebSphere Portal and the new WebSphere Portal Zone is a key to growing the partner community around WebSphere Portal even faster than today's rate of a new partner every other day," said Larry Bowden, Vice President, IBM Portals, Solutions Software Group. "Customers will benefit from having the widest and most extensive set of pre-integrated partner applications, which shortens the time for portal return-on-investment."

These developments come as IBM begins shipping Version 4.1 of WebSphere Portal today, after having initially made English versions of the software available, electronically, on May 31. Version 4.1 offers new collaborative capabilities; new event-management support; the ability to publish portlets as Web Services; content publishing options; faster portlet development; Linux support; enhanced security and single sign-on; a new search engine; and pre-integration with commerce technology. Non-English, "natural language" editions of the new edition will be available on July 26.

The 14 new portlet providers include: Actuate Corp. for information delivery solutions; Backweb for offline portal technology; Cash-U Mobile Technologies for wireless entertainment solutions; EXE Technologies, Inc. for supply chain execution software; iMarkup Solutions Inc. for content and document collaboration; Integral Trust for secure wireless online transactions; ITWworks for global portal accelerators; Mobile Economy for content-related billing and operational support technology; Morningstar Systems, Inc. for intranet and extranet solutions; Relavis for collaborative CRM; SENA Systems for secure external connectivity and seamless sign-on; Show Business Software for balanced scorecards and business intelligence; and Wimba for asynchronous Internet voice solutions.

IBM's momentum has been noticed by industry analysts. Gartner recently placed IBM's WebSphere Portal in the Leader quadrant in the Horizontal Portal Product Magic Quadrant*, which measures a vendor's vision, and the ability to execute that vision. Gartner defines Leaders as those who are performing well today, have a clear vision of market direction, and are actively building competencies to sustain their leadership position in the market.

The WebSphere Portal Zone can be found at IBM's portlet catalogue can accessed at And IBM's portlet developers' site is at

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* The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted May 2002 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. Gartner's permission to print or reference its Magic Quadrant should not be deemed to be an endorsement of any company or product depicted in the quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is Gartner's opinion and is an analytical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It measures vendors against Gartner-defined criteria for a marketplace. The positioning of vendors within a Magic Quadrant is based on the complex interplay of many factors. Gartner does not advise enterprises to select only those firms in the Leaders segment. In some situations, firms in the Visionary, Challenger, or Niche Player segments may be the right match for an enterprise's requirements. Well-informed vendor selection decisions should rely on more than a Magic Quadrant. Gartner research is intended to be one of many information sources including other published information and direct analyst interaction. Gartner expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied of fitness of this research for a particular purpose.

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