Lady Remington Jewelry Selects IBM to Replace HP e3000

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ARMONK, NY - 31 Oct 2003: IBM announced today that Lady Remington Jewelry is replacing Hewlett Packard's e3000 with the IBM eServer iSeries to improve business processes and streamline its web-based ordering systems with back-end enterprise resource planning applications. Lady Remington Jewelry moved to IBM as a result of HP's decision to stop selling the e3000 as well as future migration issues with the company.

Lady Remington Jewelry, which sells fashion jewelry through a direct sales channel, looked for a lifeline away from the HP e3000 because it wanted to leverage bleeding-edge technologies without disrupting its business. With the HP e3000, Lady Remington needed to modify its customized code whenever HP released a new operating system. The company chose to switch to the iSeries platform specifically because of its inherent stability and use of web technologies.

"We needed to solve problems and not have shifts in operating system releases affect the company's direction," said Al Karman, Director of Information Technology, Lady Remington Jewelry. "We wanted something that would allow us to comfortably grow the business for several years without requiring hardware upgrades. Moving to the iSeries has freed us from the lack of choice provided by HP."

As a result of the move to iSeries, Lady Remington now has a real-time sales solution that links web-based ordering to back-end enterprise resource planning applications, enabling it to meet the spikes in seasonal ordering.

"Companies in the midmarket are concerned with growing their business and meeting customer demands reliably," said Cecelia Marresse, vice president marketing, IBM eServer iSeries. "IBM iSeries provides customers with a cost effective, flexible and easy to use system, that lets businesses focus on growing the business, not managing IT."