IBM Delivers Storage In A "Pizza Box," Brings Improved Midrange And Integrated Solutions To Customers

"Smart" Technology From IBM's Project eLiza Comes To Mid-Market Storage

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SOMERS, NY - 10 Jul 2002: -- IBM today announced new self-managing, self-healing hardware and software, improved midrange disk and integrated solutions to address the storage needs of medium-sized businesses that need rock solid products that are easy to install, maintain, and administer.

The new IBM TotalStorage Network Attached Storage (NAS) 100 is a thin appliance often referred to as a "pizza box" because of its shape. It is designed and packaged for customers with little or no on-site IT support, such as medium-sized businesses or branch locations in large enterprises, for example banks or retail outlets. It allows customers to easily implement cost-saving solutions, such as email archiving or server consolidation.

The NAS 100 also includes "smart" software technology developed as part of IBM's Project eLiza initiative to create intelligent IT systems capable of managing, protecting and healing themselves automatically, which enables customers to focus on managing their business instead of managing technology.

IBM also introduced new storage capabilities to its midrange FAStT products and announced the addition of 11 new third-party products to its TotalStorage Proven program. These announcements are the latest example of IBM's company-wide focus on delivering the technology solutions mid-market customers need to create competitive advantage.

"In less than three years, IBM has introduced a full line of storage products based on open standards that range from NAS to SAN for medium-sized to enterprise customers," said Walter Raizner, general manager of storage products, IBM Storage System Group. "Our commitment to introducing the best technology available to customers of all sizes is proven again with this latest introduction of the NAS 100."

IBM's Thin NAS Appliance Addresses Medium-Sized and Distributed Enterprise Storage Needs
The IBM NAS 100 is designed to serve applications such as email archiving, server consolidation, storage back up, back up to tape, or archiving paper documents such as legal agreements. The NAS 100 has built in features for reliability generally not found in this class of NAS product, and it can be easily and centrally managed by IBM Director, Tivoli Storage Manager, or other industry-leading storage management software offerings. Customers can add storage as they need it by stacking up to five appliances or rack mounting additional capacity.

Unlike competing products, IBM's NAS 100 has more reliability and better systems management software including Project eLiza technology, resulting in a system that can be easier to manage with fewer IT resources.

Starting at just $4,420 and capable of being deployed in 30 minutes or less, the NAS 100 is priced for medium-sized customers and offers "enterprise-class" reliability and manageability that is the hallmark of IBM. For example, the NAS 100 is equipped with hot-swappable hard disk drives to support non-disruptive replacement of the drives, resulting in less down time for customers. Other self-healing, self-managing features include automatic temperature monitoring of processors and fans, as well as automatic fail over capabilities for the operating system and local area network connections.

In bringing this solution to customers, IBM has devoted extensive resources to providing a complete solution that offers a pre-loaded or pre-tested suite of software for better remote setup, centralized management and advanced software features based on autonomic technologies.

As a result of the integration, the NAS 100 provides customers with one of the most capable appliances on the market today. For example, one advanced software management feature that customers can use is IBM's Director 3.1 Agent, which can provide centralized management of NAS devices and contains several Project eLiza features such as the ability to predict when problems may occur and automatically call another computer for help or even to order necessary parts.

Other management tools available that come pre-loaded are Microsoft Multiple Device Manager and Windows Terminal Services, all of which serve to help manage more efficiently and effectively NAS devices on a network, including remote management.

In addition, the NAS 100 is undergoing extensive Independent Software Vendor (ISV) testing and has been pre-tested for interoperability with Tivoli and other leading independent storage software. It supports a number of industry standard protocols including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Common Information Model (CIM) that will provide customers with a way to easily integrate this product into current and future networked storage environments.

IBM's NAS 100 is a Windows powered NAS appliance, in a form factor of 1U holding 480 Gb of information. It will be available in August 2002 from IBM and IBM Business Partners. A range of new services for planning and implementation of the NAS 100 is available through IBM Global Services.

New 2Gb Solutions for Medium-sized Customers
IBM is introducing an end-to-end 2Gb solution with new FAStT EXP700 Storage Expansion Unit and availability of 2Gb Fibre Channel (FC) disk drives. With this solution, IBM can now deliver 2Gb performance throughout the system with the FAStT 700 and an additional 40 percent more capacity in the same space with the EXP700. The new 2Gb FC drives are available in 15K or 10K rpm. This new introduction will help improve performance for medium-sized customers running large database applications. The FAStT EXP700 Storage Expansion Unit can be used with all existing FAStT storage server models. IBM is also offering a new 2Gb Fibre Channel PCI-X 133MHz host bus adapter for eServer xSeries and other Intel-based servers attaching to FAStT Storage Servers.

Integrated Solutions
Finally, IBM is also announcing 11 new additions to the IBM TotalStorage Proven program announced earlier this year, including BMC, DataCore, DataTrend, FalconStor, J.D. Edwards, Jeskell, Novell, SANcastle, Siebel, StoreAge and Vicom. The TotalStorage Proven program helps identify storage solutions and configurations for customers that have been pre-tested for interoperability helping to provide faster and more reliable installations for customers. With this announcement, there are now over 100 Storage Proven products and solutions available, demonstrating strong support from participants and high interest from end user customers.

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