IBM to Deliver Software Solutions and Services to Modernize and Transform Legacy Applications

The new offerings and services will enable companies to more easily transform their enterprise systems into applications that can be shared with customers, partners and employees

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SOMERS, NY - 30 Sep 2003: ...IBM announced today a set of solutions and services that will enable companies to better manage the legacy applications and data on which they run their businesses. Based on work from IBM Software Group, IBM Global Services and IBM Research Division, IBM will deliver the tools and expertise that businesses need to modernize their software infrastructure, while still taking advantage of the sizable investments which have been made in applications running on mainframe and midrange systems.

Companies today are coping with accelerating business imperatives requiring levels of organizational focus, responsiveness and resilience that exceed the current capabilities of their technical infrastructure. To succeed in today's intensely competitive environment, business leaders require fast adaptation of the technical infrastructure through investment in e-business on demand capabilities. Sound infrastructure strategies must include comprehensive plans for managing existing applications, data and skills -- core assets with which companies run their business today. Modernizing these assets is a critical element in any strategy for closing the gap between current IT capability and business adaptation essential to success.

Beyond green screens
To provide companies with the ability to reduce costs and increase productivity, IBM is offering an end-to-end solution that provides modernized access to host systems without the need to modify source code. Host Access Transformation Services V5.0 creates a better user experience by transforming green screens to a point-and-click HTML interface delivered through a Web browser, and by streamlining the navigation and workflow of host applications. Navigational improvements such as skipping and combining screens can be accomplished with minimal time and effort, as can improvements to the graphical user interface.

Host applications typically have complex interfaces that can be difficult to learn and cumbersome to navigate. Host Access Transformation Services improves productivity and reduces training costs by improving both the look and feel and the workflow of these applications. Business partners, customers, and employees are provided with an intuitive Web interface on which they can become immediately productive. Host Access Transformation Services is also tightly integrated with IBM WebSphere Portal, allowing host applications to be made available in a portal environment, complete with customization and workflow improvements.

IBM will also offer a bundle of tools that enable companies to provide access to legacy applications for any user. The IBM Host Access Client Package V4.0 provides secure access to applications and data, whether residing on mid-range or enterprise servers, via a Java-enabled Web-browser. This allows for businesses to support a diverse community of users and eliminate the need to work with multiple vendors to provide support for legacy applications.

Moving beyond access and customization of legacy application interfaces and user workflows, IBM provides customers with the ability to componentize and reuse existing applications to make them available within new applications. WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer v3.1 gives IT personnel the ability to derive greater value from these existing applications by assisting with componentization, performing impact analysis, building connectors, and gaining a better understanding of existing applications and their interrelationships. WebSphere Studio Application Monitor v2.1 helps customers find and correct defects in composite applications spanning WebSphere and CICS systems. Its features for performance analysis and reporting are used to assess resource consumption for planning future growth. WebSphere Studio Workload Simulator is a scalable tool for load-testing that allows customers to assess the performance of their web-serving environment under production-level loads. Taken all together, these technologies enable companies to expedite their adoption of a Service Oriented Architecture, combining best of breed in house applications, new component development, ISV packages, and utility-based services.

Legacy transformation services
Finally, IBM has updated services offerings originally announced last April to help customers cope with "spaghetti code," a name given by the computer industry to heavily altered software code. These services offerings will also help customers deal with cost of maintaining mature software applications, which can represent up to 70 cents of every dollar in a company's software application budget. IBM Global Services provides two services offerings -- Legacy Transformation Services and Application Portfolio Management Services -- based upon thousands of client engagements conducted by IBM Global Services over the past decade.

The Legacy Transformation services are part of the IBM Global Services portfolio of Web Services professional services offerings, which take advantage of IBM's deep industry knowledge consultants in IBM Business Consulting Services, and on demand service offerings that help customers realize return on investment in a "pay as you save" engagement. IBM Global Services sponsors an Application Management Services Institute at IBM Research, where IBM researchers use advanced program analysis and software engineering techniques to help customers solve their challenges with application management and development.

Innovations from IBM Research
IBM Research is innovating the next generation of transformation tools, applying Model Driven Development concepts to the legacy domain to create evolvable systems. Research initiatives are focused on reverse engineering the software portfolio's logical data model, to aid in untangling data relationships and providing a data centric view into the portfolio. Other initiatives focus on identifying transformation patterns to support reusable refactoring approaches that lead to componentized, service oriented systems.

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