IBM Introduces PowerPC 440EP Embedded Processor

Designed to Provide Enhanced Functionality for Imaging and Industrial Applications

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EAST FISHKILL, NY - 22 Sep 2003: IBM today announced the PowerPC 440EP embedded processor, IBM's first 440-based standard product to include hardware support for floating-point operations, USB and flash interfaces on a single chip.

This system-on-chip processor gives customers an entry point into the PowerPC 440 family, making it an attractive solution for networking and storage applications. It is also designed to extend the PowerPC 440 family into new applications, such as imaging and industrial control.

The 440EP supports double data rate (DDR) memory, a powerful floating-point operations unit, and USB interfaces, including USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. The addition of Not and (NAND) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash support can provide additional flexibility for designers to utilize.

"Our strategy is to build a family of products around the PowerPC cores we develop," said Lisa Su, director of PowerPC and emerging products, IBM Microelectronics. "With today's announcement, we continue our initiative to broaden our PowerPC offerings with unique IP for a range of applications, providing chip designers with a wide variety of options."

With speeds of up to 533MHz, PowerPC Book E architecture and a rich peripheral mix, the PowerPC 440EP is suited for a variety of embedded applications. Its extensive feature set and robust debug capabilities are geared to real-time and other high-performance operating environments.

IBM's 0.13 micron complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) copper process technology and an innovative design conserve board real estate by combining functions that typically require several chips. The PowerPC 440EP provides a growth path for PowerPC 405XX users and is an excellent entry point into IBM's PowerPC 440 family.

In addition to IBM, more than 100 third-party vendors support PowerPC embedded processors by providing compilers, debuggers, real-time operating systems, emulators, logic analyzers and a full range of tools to help manufacturers develop products more quickly. A PowerPC 440EP reference board kit is planned to help expedite product evaluation and project development.

IBM plans to make samples of the PowerPC 440EP available in December, with production scheduled for the second quarter of 2004.