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New IBM TotalStorage FAStT600 Storage Server With Turbo Option Boosts Performance and Capacity

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ARMONK, NY - 26 Aug 2003: IBM today unleashed a turbo option that offers customers enterprise-class storage features, including greater capacity, speed, performance and broader host system support than non-turbo enabled IBM TotalStorage® FAStT600 Storage Servers.

The IBM TotalStorage® FAStT600 Storage Server has been supercharged with a new turbo option designed to offer increased throughput performance, greater maximum capacity (up to 10 additional terabytes) and enhanced platform support for a wide variety of UNIX and Intel platforms, making it one of the industry's most advanced storage servers for the mid-range. This new system enhancement is well suited for customers requiring an external server solution for workgroup and departmental servers. The new FAStT600 with turbo option is also targeted to the Life Sciences industry where capacity and performance is critical to areas such as drug discovery and development, where there is a need to store and easily access enormous amounts of data.

One early customer that has chosen to upgrade to the FAStT600 with turbo option is the University of North Carolina. "As a top university challenged with an ever expanding amount of data to manage and store, scalability and performance are of critical importance to us," said Jeff Rabon, IT System Administrator for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. "The new turbo option for our FAStT600 will allow us to upgrade our existing storage network in a way that's both low-cost and easy to manage."

The FAStT600 with turbo option offers customers an entry-to-midrange level storage server that can scale as storage needs expand. This "pay as you grow" configuration can help customers meet unexpected growth needs. Powered by two gigabit per second Fibre Channel technology, the system can scale to more than sixteen terabytes and 112 drives to support growing storage requirements created by e-business applications and data-intensive image files for customers.

"IBM is seeing a strong demand for powerful products from our customers," said Roland Hagan, vice president of storage marketing, IBM Systems Group. "We have continued our mission to deliver customers quick and cost effective storage solutions for their data management needs that helps them protect their investment in current technology."

The fully configured FAStT600 storage server with turbo option will be available as a significant upgrade to current FAStT600 users, which has been the fastest growing new product in the company's disk portfolio this year since its introduction in April. The server is designed to allow customers to more than double their speed and capacity and quadruple partition limitations over the current FAStT600.

The FAStT600 with turbo option will feature IBM's FlashCopy® and VolumeCopy capabilities to help protect businesses in the event of a disaster. IBM's FlashCopy software provides an advanced, fast replication facility that can help reduce application outages caused by backups and permit access to source data and the copy almost immediately in the event of an unplanned outage. IBM's new VolumeCopy software features a duplication facility that can permit access to duplicate data almost immediately in the event of an outage. The new VolumeCopy software is also available as a priced upgrade for the FAStT700 and 900.

The turbo option for FAStT600 will be generally available on September 12, 2003. The option will be priced starting at $26,570 for a customer-installable upgrade and starting at $36,569 for a fully configured storage server.[1]

TotalStorage Proven
IBM is also announcing 31 new additions to the IBM TotalStorage Proven program, including solutions that interoperate with FAStT. The TotalStorage Proven program helps identify storage solutions and configurations for customers that have been pre-tested for interoperability helping to support faster and more reliable installations for customers. Some of the latest companies to successfully test solutions with the TotalStorage FAStT line include Actuate, Business Objects, Cisco Systems, deCODE, Verint's Loronix Video Solution and Polyserve.

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