IBM InsightLink Brings Critical Research Thinking Online

New Productivity Tool for Capturing and Sharing Ideas, Notes and Annotations

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SOMERS, NY - 25 Aug 2003: IBM today announced IBM InsightLink, a powerful productivity tool that can help organizations synthesize and share research knowledge.

IBM InsightLink is designed to capture the flow of ideas, annotations and insights on experiments into a database system that can be accessed and utilized throughout an entire research organization. By preserving valuable knowledge assets, organizations can often shorten research time, reduce redundant work, and enhance collaboration and decision-making.

"Project component integration and decision making are arguably the major impediments to efficiency in modern drug discovery," said Charles J. Manly, PhD., vice president, Discovery Technologies, Neurogen Corporation. "Technology like InsightLink has the potential to greatly streamline communication of insights and coordinate the activities within and across projects."

IBM InsightLink can help transform a centuries-old paper-based research model into an efficient online process for capturing annotations such as a researcher's observations about unusual properties of a chemical compound; the rationale for aborting or continuing a research project; a physician's notes explaining a treatment decision; and other important latent knowledge that can benefit other researchers and accelerate scientific discovery.

This new productivity tool can be integrated into existing research applications and databases, such as visualization tools, chemical compound libraries, high-throughput screening devices, and electronic lab notebooks. It also can be accessed through a Web browser, which can deliver an aggregated view of both experimental data and associated annotations across multiple applications.

"After seeing InsightLink, it seems clear that this enterprise tool will provide a simple, consistent yet flexible mechanism for capturing, searching and retrieving valuable meta-information associated with diverse technical documents," said Eric Martin, director of Computational Chemistry, Chiron Corporation. "These metadata will save time and money by helping decision makers efficiently obtain facts and interpretations needed to synthesize the comprehensive picture required for well-informed judgments."

IBM InsightLink offers customized templates to facilitate the entry of annotations in a consistent format and cross-referencing of information throughout an organization. It employs an open standards-based design, which enables researchers to integrate annotations into existing applications, thus helping minimize the need for new programming and extensive user training.

The new IBM offering, which will be generally available in the fourth quarter, complements IBM DiscoveryLink* data integration software. DiscoveryLink helps researchers search and integrate data from diverse data sources and file types. A single-formatted view of information is obtained without moving the data or changing its underlying format.

Jointly developed by IBM Life Sciences and IBM Research, InsightLink is the result of feedback from hundreds of scientists and researchers at global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities, governmental research labs, and major medical research centers.

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