New Report Cites Benefits of Consolidating SAP on Linux and the IBM Mainframe

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ARMONK, NY - 21 Aug 2003: A new report from a leading technology analyst finds that enterprises can significantly improve system performance and reliability by moving their SAP applications to Linux on the IBM eServer zSeries mainframe.

The analysis, commissioned by IBM from The Sageza Group, titled "zSeries with Linux Provides an Opportune Platform for SAP Server Consolidation," finds that Linux on zSeries "offers new opportunities for SAP project managers to consolidate their NT or UNIX application servers onto the zSeries and take advantage of increased capabilities as well as potential cost savings."

"Existing and new customers who are considering placing the SAP database server on the mainframe are prime candidates for application consolidation with Linux and the zSeries," said Joyce Becknell, The Sageza Group. "Running SAP on Linux on the mainframe also strategically positions customers to take advantage of future 64-bit SAP solutions."

"The advanced virtualization, high-speed communication and industry-leading partitioning capabilities of the zSeries mainframe running Linux offers customers the flexibility to consolidate and simplify their SAP applications on a single, high-performance platform," said Rich Lechner, vice president, Marketing and Strategy, IBM Systems Group. "By centralizing their SAP applications, customers can more efficiently manage Itheir infrastructure as they grow."

The report further finds that IBM's industry-leading HiperSockets technology supports the case for consolidating SAP applications on the mainframe, delivering high-speed communication between server partitions at near memory speed, improving overall systems performance, and reducing batch window and database update times by 40 to 60 percent.

According to the report, the mainframe's advanced virtualization capabilities allow the creation of new virtual Linux servers on the fly. In addition, the mainframe's intelligent workload management technology directs system resources to the applications that need them most, providing customers with the flexibility to respond quickly to changing business requirements.


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