IBM Brings XML to SMB

alphaWorks Licensing Program Speeds Innovation to Small Companies for Under $1,000

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 14 Aug 2003: Responding to demand from software developers, alphaWorks (, IBM's resource for emerging technology, has made a wave of new technologies available for under $1,000 to help developers create on demand business applications based on open standards.

Through the alphaWorks licensing program, small- and medium-sized businesses have the opportunity to download, evaluate and license new technologies that provide innovative solutions for their business needs. SMB customers are often unable to afford staff and resources required to do domain specific development. By making alphaWorks technologies available for a commercial license, SMB can realize the benefits from a broad range of technology (many of which conform to open-standards like XML) and a much shorter time to market.

alphaWorks has received thousands of requests from developers seeking to purchase licenses after evaluating technologies for a free 90-day trial period. Developers can easily request licensing for technologies, be notified when licenses are available, go online to understand the licensing terms, and purchase the right licensing option for their projects from the Web site.

"New efforts by IBM to deliver value to small and medium-sized businesses for their development tools and middleware products have made alphaWorks a key channel for them to preview--and now license--some of the latest technologies emerging from IBM Research and software development labs," said Marc Goubert, manager of alphaWorks.

After downloading and evaluating alphaWorks technologies for the free 90-day trial period, a large number of SMBs have purchased licenses to deploy the technologies in the development of their products, thereby enhancing their products and saving time and resources through accelerated development time.

Ottawa, Canada-based ONCE® Corporation, a business and technology consultancy specializing in Electronic Services Delivery (ESD) strategies and solutions, was looking for a software library that conforms to the XML digital signature specification.

"We have implemented elements of the XML Security Suite as an embedded component within the overall Verified@ONCE product. We found overall that the security suite offered a variety of helpful examples to help ease the integration into our existing software architecture at a reasonable price," said Bruce Daly, Chief Technology Officer for ONCE Corporation. "The licensing of the XML Security Suite saved us time and effort in the development of the signature verification portion of our product."

Today, over 200 technologies are available for free trial download. To date, 40 percent of technologies posted to the alphaWorks Web site have been incorporated into IBM products or licensed to third-party developers.

Licenses for the following technologies are now available (

The J323 Engine and XML Schema Quality Checker are technologies from IBM Research that will accelerate the adoption of industry standards for multimedia telephony over IP networks, and XML and the XML Schema language, respectively.

IBM Page Detailer and High Resolution Time Stamp are useful tools to test application performance and identify potential problems, an important step to building a resilient business and infrastructure that support on demand.

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