IBM to Deliver Key Security Features on IBM eServer z990

Cryptographic Functionality and Trusted Key Entry Available One Month Ahead of Schedule on World's Most Sophisticated Server

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ARMONK, NY - 31 Jul 2003: -- IBM today announced that full-feature cryptography on the new IBM eServer zSeries 990 will be available one month ahead of schedule. Full-feature cryptography is designed to allow customers the choice of "clear key" or "secure key" encryption, which are advanced security capabilities commonly used across industries, especially in banking and financial services.

Today's announcement further strengthens the encryption capabilities of the z990 for those applications requiring the highest levels of data protection. When used with z/OS, the mainframe's flagship operating system, the z990 will offer customers enhanced cryptographic functionality beginning September 19, 2003.*

The z990 was introduced in May. It sets a new standard for enterprise-class computing, featuring industry leadership in virtualization, automation, scalability, security and reliability. Designed from the ground up to help thwart intrusion into the system, the IBM mainframe is one of the most secure servers on the market. A 16-way z990 running z/OS 1.4 can process up to 11,000 secure sockets layer (SSL) transactions/second.

"IBM is committed to aggressively deliver advanced zSeries functionality into the marketplace to help customers develop their on demand computing environments," said Erich Clementi, general manager, IBM eServer zSeries. "Accelerating the delivery of these key security capabilities on the z990 is especially important to IBM's customers in the financial services and retail industries who are preparing for the upcoming surge in holiday season transactions and Web commerce."

The z990's new PCIX Cryptographic Coprocessor (PCIXCC), which provides the mainframe's secure key cryptography, is a replacement for the PCICC and CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor Facility that were implemented on previous zSeries platforms, such as the z900. All of the equivalent PCICC functions offered on the z990 PCIXCC are implemented with higher performance, and the z990 PCIXCC offers the functions of the CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor Facility used by known applications. PCIXCC supports highly secure cryptographic functions, use of secure encrypted-key values, and user-defined extensions.

IBM is also moving up the delivery schedule of a new release of its Trusted Key Entry (TKE) Workstation for z990. TKE Version 4.0 is designed to provide customers with the capability to enter their Master Keys securely for the PCIXCC feature of the z990. General availability of TKE Version 4.0 is planned for September 30, 2003.


* Customers running z/OS 1.4 or z/OS 1.2 on the z990 will be the first to access the server's advanced cryptography features planned for September 19, 2003. Availability of cryptographic services on the z990 is also planned for customers running z/OS 1.3, z/VM and OS/390 2.10. All statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only.

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