IBM Introduces An Ultraportable ThinkPad Package That Goes On And On For Eight Hours

Weighing Only 3.6 Pounds, the ThinkPad X30 Delivers Heavyweight Features in a Lightweight Unit

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C - 29 Aug 2002: IBM today introduced the ThinkPad X30 notebook, a 3.6-pound1 portable computer that uses a combination of IBM-patented power management technology and a unique design to stretch battery life to eight hours2, when fully equipped with an optional second battery.

The ThinkPad X30 is designed to be able to use two batteries at the same time --one internal and one optional extended life battery that easily attaches to the bottom of the system. The patented power-saving techniques intelligently manage the power consumption between the two batteries, and analyze how much power is needed to perform a specific task in a specific environment. The system then reduces the power to each of the major subsystems appropriately. The power management technologies were developed as part of IBM's company-wide initiative to address the energy needs of computing.

The ThinkPad X30, which uses more than 25 newly-patented technologies, boasts a series of other firsts in the ultraportable category. It offers IBM's innovative Access Connections wizard, which allows users to easily manage both wired and wireless connections, and to switch from one location to another. It is also the only ultraportable in the market today to feature on select models integrated TCPA-compliant security and IBM Rapid Restore PC, the one-button disaster recovery solution that lets customers easily recover previously saved data after a software crash with one press of a button.

"The ThinkPad X Series ultraportable notebook is the perfect fit for Fox Films," said Lavelle Evans, desktop standards & implementation manager, 20th Century Fox. "It's small enough to meet our needs for mobility, without sacrificing the quality and stability that is needed in our industry."

The X30 has been ergonomically redesigned to let users work more effectively away from the office. The optional X3 UltraBase, a 1.6 pound media "slice," provides enhanced functionality. While on the road, users can spend a day giving presentations and at the end of the day, they can attach the notebook to the X3 UltraBase, recharge the battery and take advantage of other features, such as optional DVD or CD/ROM capabilities.

"The ThinkPad X30 and its unique battery options deliver all-day computing for people who want to take their computers with them anywhere and everywhere -- not just when they're traveling," said Fran O'Sullivan, general manager, PC products and services, IBM Personal Computing Division. "They don't want to trade computing power for longer battery life. This new ThinkPad notebook makes that goal a reality, in an ultraportable package with up to eight hours of optional battery life, and no compromises on computing function."

Standard Features of the ThinkPad X30
Wireless: Optimized for connectivity, select models of the new ThinkPad X30 offer leading-edge integrated wireless solutions, including built-in Cisco Aironet Series IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi3) technology and out-of-the-box wireless networking support for IEEE 802.1x /Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) security standard. 4 Users can browse the Web or e-mail a presentation over their existing wireless networks with greater security.

In addition to the models with Cisco wireless, IBM has also integrated Intel PRO/Wireless LAN technology as a feature on select models. The X30 is capable of running up to five optional communications capabilities simultaneously: modem, Ethernet, IrDA, Wi-Fi wireless and Bluetooth.

Security: Select models of the X30 feature the new TCPA-compliant IBM Embedded Security Subsystem 2.0, the first security solution conforming to the 1.1 standard of the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, an industry work group focused on enhancing trust and security on computer platforms. The security subsystem, a combination of hardware and downloadable software, helps protect user authentication and both wired and wireless communications.

The Embedded Security Subsystem was first offered by IBM in 1999; this version of the security subsystem meets a standard recognized by more than 180 companies in the TCPA as the computer security benchmark. New enhancements include compatibility with the latest releases of Tivoli Access Manager, and support for options such as the Targus DEFCON PC Card fingerprint reader and the Ensure Technologies XyLoc wireless PC security system.

Migration: All ThinkPad X30 notebooks are equipped to take full advantage of ImageUltra, IBM's innovative, patented image management technology and services designed to lower costs by reducing the multiple images an IT manager needs to handle down to one. ImageUltra is a key component of the IBM suite of migration and uptime offerings, including Rapid Restore PC, a unique data recovery solution. IBM estimates that ImageUltra can save up to $100 per PC while significantly reducing the challenges of PC deployment and image support.

Software: IBM continues to offer a host of new and improved software utilities. Enhanced Presentation Director software allows a simple way to configure the ThinkPad X30 for various projectors on the fly. The Easy Eject Utility software allows users to quickly stop and eject devices with one click.

Additional Products for People On the Go
IBM also announced the new iLM300 MicroPortable Data/Video Projector, the smallest and lightest projector yet from IBM. The iLM300 is XGA-compatible and packs 1100 Lumens into only 2.4 pounds. At this size, it's the perfect partner to the X30 for frequent travelers. Paired together, they still weigh less than seven pounds.

Pricing and Availability
Models of the ThinkPad X30 will be generally available Sept. 3, with prices starting at $1999.

Models of the iLM300 Projector will be generally available in September, with prices starting at $3499.

All IBM PCs can be purchased direct through or by calling 1-888-SHOP-IBM. The ThinkPad and NetVista lines are also available through select IBM business partners. For more information, see and