IBM, Philips and Telematica Instituut join forces on Secure Electronic Content Delivery research

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Amsterdam, Netherl & s - 10 Sep 2002: IBM, Philips Research and the Telematica Instituut today announced the start of a joint research project focusing on secure digital broadband content delivery to, from, and within the home. The agreement was signed at the ICT Kenniscongres in The Hague, the Netherlands on September 5.

The aim of the project, called TIPSCI (Telematica Instituut, IBM, Philips Secure Content Initiative), is to prototype an integrated content delivery solution that will allow easier, safer and more secure exchange of consumer digital content in the home - such as music, video and games. Issues to be solved include security of content, digital rights management, quality of service provision, and speed and manageability of home communications networks.

"With this partnership with Philips and the Telematica Instituut, IBM is furthering its commitment to the secure delivery of digital content to consumers," said Brett MacIntyre, vice president, Content Management, IBM Software. "By giving people at home the assurance that the digital audio, video and web-based content that enters their homes is protected and secure, we are continuing to enable investments across every part of the digital media chain." Harry van Dorenmalen, IBM Managing Director, IBM Netherlands added: "Successful relationships involve total commitment and that's why this project came to fruition."

"This development fits perfectly in Philips' vision of Ambient Intelligence," said Fred Boekhorst, senior vice president of Philips Research. "We foresee the development of home networks of interlinked, content sharing devices that will allow consumers to benefit optimally from the new opportunities offered by digital electronics. The seamless exchange of content between devices is a crucial enabler, as is research on DRM solutions that offer people security, trust and confidence in an increasingly connected world."

"Delivering multimedia content any time, any place, on any device and making this a personal experience is a main research topic of the Telematica Instituut," said Chris Vissers, Scientific Director of the Telematica Instituut. "Digital Rights Management, Secure Content Distribution and valid Business Models are pre-requisites to achieve this."

Each company brings its own skills and technologies to the research project. Philips' provision of solutions for consumer electronics devices and home networks are crucial to the initiative - including Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, residential gateways, set-top boxes, and end-user devices for high-quality audio and video. IBM will contribute services expertise and products in the areas of IT networking and service provider infrastructures, Content Management software, pervasive computing application solutions, and DRM software through IBM's EMMS system (Electronic Media Management System). Telematica Instituut will add fundamental scientific and application-based research capabilities in the areas of content engineering, personalized services and business models.

The companies will develop a demonstration platform that will showcase the benefits of aligning content management and distribution systems for consumer service providers. The project planning aims to deliver demonstrable solutions by December 2003.

Philips to join Telematica Instituut
Philips and the Telematica Instituut also announce that Philips Research will join the Telematica Instituut. IBM was a member of this partnership already.

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