IBM Makes Wireless Roaming More Secure

WebSphere Software for Wireless Networks Achieves Highest Level of FIPS Security Certification

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ARMONK, NY - 24 Jun 2003: IBM today announced new software and services that set the bar higher for secure, seamless roaming across multiple types of wireless and wired networks. The new software and solutions provide mobile workers with the highest level of secure access to enterprise information from the growing number of wireless "hot-spots" being rolled out around the globe, in places ranging from airports and truckstops to coffee shops.

Awarded the U.S. and Canadian government's highest Federal Information Processing Standard, or FIPS rating, for security certification, the newest version of the company's WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager software provides easier, more secure and more cost-efficient access to key information through the use of wireless technology. This allows mobile workers to improve productivity, protect the privacy of important data and maximize companies' return on their wireless IT investments. Additionally, IBM Global Services security consultants, using Wireless Security Auditor and other leading wireless security tools, provide our clients' system administrators a way of assessing security vulnerability in wireless systems to assure the highest possible level of security. IGS helps enterprises, as well as Service Providers, deploy the new high security software and networks.

"WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager raises the bar to new heights for mobile workers who need secure access to data from multiple types of computing devices," said Joe Damassa, vice president, IBM Pervasive Computing Division. "As hot-spots continue to grow in popularity, IBM is making it easier for mobile workers to securely access important information across multiple networks without interruption so they can do business at anytime from virtually anyplace."

With the new version of WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager, mobile employees can use a laptop or a PDA to move from location to location, enjoying secure, high speed access to information across Wi-Fi, cellular, wireless data telecommunications, iDEN, CDMA, and PWLAN hot spots, without interrupting Web connections or losing an existing session. The software creates a mobile VPN for both Internet Protocol (IP) networks and non-IP or private packet radio networks, that protects sensitive enterprise data by encrypting data, optimizing performance and reducing transmission costs.

Without the secure, seamless, cross networking roaming capability in this software, an end user would be disconnected from their session and forced to repeatedly restart the application, re-authenticate to the firewall, obtain a new Internet Protocol address, and renew the VPN connection. Maintaining a secure seamless connection when roaming is particularly important while exchanging instant messages because dropping the connection would result in losing an entire conversation string. This is important to homeland security and public safety agencies communicating across multiple jurisdictions, for instance, that may be sharing information across different networks in a crisis.

IBM business partners like Cotelligent, which build customized business solutions that enhance, integrate and extend current environments with Mobile and Web technologies, are benefiting from building mobile applications on the highly secure WebSphere platform.

"IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager provides a secure gateway for customers to access information remotely across multiple wireless networks," said John DeWald, Vice President of Technology Cotelligent, Inc. "WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager provides a variety of support services that can help implement security applications, control wireless usage costs and extend link complex infrastructures through legacy wireless networks."

Secure access to data and improved efficiency, productivity and cost savings are among the benefits users will gain from new features in the software and services which include:

Meets the Highest Industry Standard for Security Certification
IBM WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager software was recently awarded the Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS 140-2 level of certification on AIX 5.2, Trusted Solaris and all Windows clients, widely viewed as the most stringent security standard internationally. FIPS 140-2 was developed by U.S. and Canadian governments and defines the requirements for commercial cryptographic products that may be procured by U.S and Canadian Federal agencies. It is also becoming a sought-after indicator throughout federal, provincial, state, and local governments, as well as security-insistent enterprises to validate the degree of security "robustness" of enterprise networking products.

Enables Customers to Prioritize Their Network of First Choice
Wireless road-warriors can now benefit from a new customized network roaming feature, which enables users to customize the software to prioritize the network they prefer to access data from based on important business priorities -- for example, determining the most cost-effective network, which network offers the highest-speed access to data, or provides the most bandwidth available to wirelessly download a particular kind of data type.

Reduces Costs Through Advanced Data Compression Optimization
WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager utilizes new advanced data compression optimization technologies to reduce costs associated with data transmission, by reducing the size of bytes and the bandwidth of files being transmitted wirelessly -- thereby speeding the transmission of data across a network or multiple networks, resulting in lower connection fees for enterprises. Initial performance testing demonstrates WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager can improve network throughput of a typical 15-20 KBS GPRS network to as high as 49Kbps. By compressing data and optimizing transmission-- resulting in dramatic cost savings, increased mobile worker productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Enterprises Protect Data and Maximize ROI:
Some of the customers benefiting from IBM's wireless solutions include:

The Air Force Material Center at Hill Air Force Base, HAFB, in Ogden, Utah, expects to save millions of dollars a year from a highly secure FIPS-140 certified IBM wireless solution using WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager to radically transform the way it manages worldwide logistical support for the repair, replacement and maintenance of thousands of components for the nation's fleet of F-16, A-10 and C-130 military aircraft.

IBM and a partnership of public safety and transportation agencies in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia are building the Capital Wireless Integrated Network (CapWIN) for the Washington D.C. region. The first interoperable wireless system to span multi-state government jurisdictions, the network will enable officials from more than 40 local, state, and federal agencies to communicate with each other in real time roaming across various networks via an Instant Messaging application deployed on low cost, industry standard devices such as PCs, PDAs and data enabled mobile phones running WebSphere Everyplace Connection software to enable network roaming. Authorized users will be able to set up response teams -- restricted-access, high-performance chat rooms -- designed to help handle unexpected events, such as natural disasters, traffic collisions, fires or terrorist threats.

WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager version 5.0 is currently available. It can be purchased as an individual product or as part of IBM's new Mobile Office Entry Jumpstart solution.

In addition to WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager software, IBM's Mobile Office Entry Jumpstart solution also includes WebSphere Everyplace Access software, IBM eServers and IBM services to help enterprises in numerous industries pilot and test run the software with Palm Tungsten handheld computers supporting up to 50 clients. WebSphere Everyplace Access is middleware that enables a wide range of pervasive devices to provide mobile professionals constant wireless access to a wide range of enterprise data in databases as well as personal productivity applications and Lotus Instant Messaging to support Sales Force Automation and Field Force Automation.

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