IBM Unveils New Ways to Use, Develop for Db2 for Greater Data Control

Advances Db2 with a no-cost download & go edition, JSON support for fast development

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MUNICH, Germany - 22 Jun 2017: As global data volumes continue to soar and data protection regulations climb, organizations of all sizes are looking for new ways to rein in, manage and develop for that information.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced several key additions and enhancements to its popular database software, IBM Db2, that bring the trusted enterprise-class data management capabilities to global clients in fast, new, easy ways.

The company launched today Db2 Developer Community Edition, a new offering aimed at developers that can be quickly and easily downloaded, at no cost. This new edition, is a full-featured version of Db2 that is designed to enable developers to rapidly build prototypes of applications that leverage all the capabilities of the Enterprise Edition. Whether to desktops or laptops, users can download the complete software and begin uploading and managing their data usually within 15 minutes or less.

“Among many organizations, we’re witnessing a shift in influence to a new breed of application developer who is looking for agile ways to create apps that their companies can leverage,” said Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics. “Through these Db2 innovations, we’re making it easier than ever for developers to get involved with this rich environment and create innovative apps that propel their businesses.”

Additional Db2 Enhancements

  • Db2 on Cloud – this new version of Db2 on Cloud is a fully managed service, available on the IBM Cloud. Among the service’s new features is a sliding scale for compute power and capacity. With the simple scroll of a mouse, users can slide the scale to increase or decrease the processing power, and associated necessary RAM, instantly. Users can also scroll to increase storage capacity. Eliminated is the laborious process of requesting and procuring more computing resources from IT. The new Db2 on Cloud complements IBM’s Db2 Hosted, a version of the database that is hosted on IBM Cloud for clients looking for greater control of the platform.
    • A new easy-to-use web console has also been added to Db2 on Cloud that’s designed to help clients get acclimated and up and running faster.
  • JSON Support – IBM announced that Db2 now supports JSON, the open-standard file format that uses “human-readable” language to transmit data objects. JSON, typically used by new applications, can now be integrated into Db2’s relational database system, giving users an easy way to store application data. Developers can now use their existing SQL skills to store, manage, and select JSON data from within Db2. This reduces the need to learn special purpose data stores and provides the opportunity to bring mobile and web engagement data into analytic warehouses for greater user insights. Db2 optimizes retrieval of JSON data with index support, improving query performance.
  • In addition, IBM is extending Db2 with Hybrid Transactional / Analytical Processing (HTAP) with the rollout of a technical preview of BLU Acceleration in-memory secondary index support. IBM Db2’s use of the BLU Acceleration engine for HTAP avoids the standard practice of replicating data, decreasing memory requirements and latency versus rival databases. Secondary indices will dramatically improve performance of some queries for operational data store and analytic warehouses, as well as OLTP and HTAP workloads. With today's release, early access program customers can begin testing Db2’s initial capabilities with their application development environment.
  • DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS has also been enhanced with Hybrid Transactional and Analytics Processing (HTAP) capabilities that provide improved real-time processing and simplicity for applications by removing the need to manage latency in the data replication process.
  • Db2 on Cloud Benchmark – IBM published a new benchmark test today that demonstrates better overall performance and double the performance/dollar over the leading cloud database competitor, Amazon Aurora.

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