OHL chooses IBM Cloud to Support its Digital Transformation Process

The concessions and construction company incorporates IBM Cloud as part of the actions to achieve digitization of its work processes and rapidly adapt to market dynamics

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ARMONK, N.Y. & MADRID, SPAIN - 08 Jun 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and OHL announced today a ten-year agreement to transform and manage OHL's IT global infrastructure. OHL will use IBM Cloud to help boost innovation across its businesses and reduce costs, while quickly adapting to the constant market changes. OHL is a concessions and construction group headquartered in Spain with presence in 30 countries across five continents.

This agreement supports OHL´s Strategic Plan 2020, and support its Systems Plan 2016-2020, which is designed to foster digitalization across the company´s value chain.

OHL considers digitalization a key factor in addressing challenges within its sector including: strong competition; clients with more demanding requirements; and new technologies and productive processes. To face these challenges, IBM Cloud will serve as the foundation to responding faster to market dynamics.

Additionally, in an environment where it is paramount to manage operations in real time and make decisions quickly, OHL will rely on IBM to implement a new Global ERP system, based on the latest SAP technology (S4H), which will be used to perform near real-time analysis of a large volume of data from internal and external sources.

OHL has developed different tools for project management and embraces methodologies like BIM (Building Information Modeling.)  BIM is a platform, which adopts collaborative modelling techniques in multiple dimensions across a project lifecycle, enabling multi-dimensional visualization simultaneously and dynamically.  OHL applied the BIM method to constructions such as the urban highway Américo Vespucio in Chile, the Ski station of Follo Line reconstruction in Norway, and the construction of the 72nd Street subway station

IBM Cloud and other services, IBM will provide OHL with the tools and resources needed to compete in today’s competitive business environment.”

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