First In Industry, IBM Delivers Single, Cross-Enterprise Development Environment For Web Services

IBM WebSphere Studio Version 5 Relies on Latest Open Technologies to Advance Web Services

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Somers, NY - 24 Sep 2002: -- IBM today announced the first software to unify Java and traditional assets in a single development environment for Web services. The new software -- IBM WebSphere Studio Version 5 -- accelerates e-business initiatives for customers, suppliers, partners and employees by making it easier to create Web services from new and existing software across multiple platforms, languages, legacy applications, and vendors.

At a time when integrating disparate systems is a top concern for customers, IBM is lowering the labor costs associated with integration by enabling companies to modernize valuable assets accumulated over the past 30 years and integrate them within an open Web services environment.

Unlike competing software that forces companies to re-write applications to a specific model, IBM WebSphere Studio Version 5 -- in an industry first -- offers the ability to develop Java-based Web services while modernizing legacy assets such as those written in COBOL and PL1. IBM WebSphere Studio Version 5 can also coordinate the flow of multiple back-end applications needed to complete cross-enterprise business transactions via Web services.

This means developers can retrofit and integrate older but still critical software assets as Web services, while writing new applications to standards-based and enterprise-tested Java. This avoids the expensive, time-consuming and flexibility-limiting effort of conforming to a proprietary framework such as Microsoft .Net.

This marks the initial rollout of Version 5 of WebSphere application server and tools, the market-leading e-business infrastructure platform that helps customers take applications essential to running their business and extend them to the Web. WebSphere Studio includes a built-in version of WebSphere Application Server Version 5, so customers and partners can begin building, integrating, deploying and testing applications with the new development environment.

IBM WebSphere Studio Version 5 supports the latest standards including J2EE 1.3, Eclipse Version 2; Version 7.2 of both Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux, and new Web services standards -- many of which IBM co-developed -- such as the precursor to Web Services Business Process Language (BPEL4WS). In addition, WebSphere developers can now visually construct Web applications using the Apache Struts environment, an open source framework that reduces the effort required to build, maintain and modify Web applications based on standard technologies such as Java Servlets, JavaBeans and XML. This is further complemented by the availability of Macromedia ColdFusion MX for WebSphere, which enables ColdFusion applications to run native in WebSphere.

IBM WebSphere Studio's integrated environment enables developers to concentrate on building applications, not integrating incompatible tools, a chore that typically takes more than half of a developer's time. Developers can work in a single development environment, for example taking an inventory management application written in COBOL that is running on a mainframe, insert it into a new Java application as a Web service, and deliver it to a cell phone.

IBM WebSphere Studio Version 5 products support the latest version of Eclipse, the development platform invented by IBM and contributed to the open-source community. Eclipse allows developers to use different tools from multiple vendors in an integrated, portal-like environment. Before Eclipse, developers had to go back and forth among the various tools, for everything from code compiling to debugging, used in creating software programs. Through Eclipse, IBM WebSphere Studio is a fully integrated development environment that takes developers through the entire life cycle from modeling and building to testing and debugging.

By supporting the latest version of the Eclipse open source platform, IBM WebSphere Studio V5 can be personalized via more than 175 plug-ins by Rational, Interwoven, TogetherSoft, Macromedia, Serena, Instantiations, Sitraka, Genuitec and others. This makes IBM's tools the most feature-rich development environment in the industry and allows customers to chose from a wide variety of software providers to meet their individual development tool needs.

Other productivity features include performance analysis and tracing tools, legacy asset analysis, automatic code generation, integrated debuggers, and built-in test environments to detect bugs early in the development process. Additional features are designed to help smooth the transition from application development to application deployment. Load-testing and application monitoring enable developers to assess how the applications will function in a production environment.

"WebSphere Studio Version 5 brings together the most comprehensive set of open technologies in the industry for building Web services applications," according to Loren Abdulezer, CEO of Evolving Technologies Corporation, a technology consulting firm that serves major companies in the banking, pharmaceutical and technology communities. "IBM's software supports developers through the whole lifecycle and across all platforms -- from the smallest handheld devices right up to the largest enterprise servers. Developers are going to love the freedom this highly productive development environment delivers. Just watch the cost of development and lifecycle maintenance plummet."

"For every dollar a customer spends on software, they spend five dollars to integrate that software, and IBM is dedicated to helping customers lower the cost of modernizing and integrating software acquired over the past three decades," according to Scott Hebner, Director of Marketing for IBM WebSphere. "With WebSphere Studio and Eclipse, IBM supports the industry's broadest range of languages, platforms, hardware devices and vendor integration, making it faster and cheaper for customers to integrate their assets through Web services."

Pricing and Availability:

Customers can purchase WebSphere Studio through the Passport Advantage Program via IBM Sales Representatives or authorized IBM Business Partners.

WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5 available September 24 for $3,499 per user
WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer V5 available September 30 for $7,500 per user
Macromedia ColdFusion MX for IBM WebSphere Application Server -- available September 24 for $4,000 per processor
WebSphere Studio Application Monitor for zOS and OS/390-- available in October
WebSphere Studio Workload Simulator for zOS and OS/390-- available in October

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