Cupenya Makes its Business Analytics Solution Available to Developers through IBM Cloud

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - 29 Apr 2015: Cupenya, an Amsterdam-based company, today announced that it will feature its services on IBM Cloud, making its data-driven service, Cupenya Insights, publicly available on Bluemix, IBM's (NYSE: IBM) cloud innovation platform. Cupenya Insights is used to monitor and analyze business activities and processes within an organization by establishing a connection with all underlying software systems.

“We believe business analytics have an important place among the services offered in a cloud development platform,” said Dominik Blattner, CEO and Co-founder of Cupenya. “Today business performance is at the core of every software development project, and developers know that they need to show that their product is doing its job on the business end. We chose IBM Cloud and to join IBM Bluemix because we believe it is a big step forward in enabling a quick and agile way for companies to create high quality software services and move towards digitalizing more and more of their workflows”.

Cupenya Insights provides businesses with a data-driven foundation for operational decision-making, delivering predictive analytics and real-time visibility to increase business processes performance. The software’s core functionalities—activity performance prediction and root-cause analysis—enable a quick and proactive approach to managing the business goals of a cloud-developed application. In this way, several applications built on Bluemix could now be linked together using Cupenya’s solution; providing businesses with a much clearer visibility into process performance across various apps and systems they may employ.

With this move, Cupenya becomes the first startup graduating from IBM Global Entrepreneur Program to make their solutions available on Bluemix. Examples of cross-application business activity monitoring with Cupenya Insights and Bluemix were openly demonstrated during the annual CeBIT convention in Hannover, Germany earlier in March.

"Integrating third party services into IBM Cloud is a great example of how we collaborate with companies of all sizes to create cloud solutions that engage and excite developers all over the world,” said Tim van den Heede, IBM Cloud Ecosystem Leader for Europe. “It’s great to see Cupenya maturing into a promising ISV and joining hundreds of accelerators globally that help developers use the cloud for innovation by integrating their solutions to over 100 services already available on Bluemix."

Built on Cloud Foundry’s open technology and hosted on the IBM Cloud, Bluemix enables business to rapidly adjust to customer needs by allowing developers to mix and match different interoperable app services and tools. Powered by IBM's robust cloud SoftLayer infrastructure, Bluemix – unlike similar platforms – also offers developers the cloud power they need to build without ever having to configure infrastructure.

About Cupenya:
Cupenya is built to give people an insight into what is happening within their organization. Cupenya’s solution, Cupenya Insights, enables companies to manage operational incidents faster with predictive process analytics. This provides more people with a better overview of the performance happening within their company's processes, and makes it possible for people to perform action before operational problems arise.


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