IBM Brings More Security, Control to Cloud-Based DevOps with new “Bluemix Dedicated” Platform

New Bluemix Dedicated and private API tools help developers securely build, test and deploy hybrid cloud applications
Also launches New Bluemix Garage in London

ARMONK, N.Y. - 20 Nov 2014: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it is bringing a greater level of control, security and flexibility to cloud-based application development and delivery with a single-tenant version of Bluemix, IBM’s platform-as-a-service. The  new platform enables developers to build applications around their most sensitive data and deploy them in a dedicated cloud environment to help them capture the benefits of cloud while avoiding the compliance, regulatory and performance issues that are presented with public clouds.

IBM is also introducing a new, private API catalog on its public instance of Bluemix. which will help developers to more easily access their on-premise data as their organizations experiment with and build hybrid cloud strategies. Building on its global expansion of developer resources and tools, IBM also announced it is expanding its Bluemix Garage network to Canary Wharf Group’s Level39, Europe’s largest accelerator space for financial, retail and future cities tech companies, and expanding the public Bluemix catalogue to its London datacenter.

More organizations are developing and working on the cloud. Over the next four to five years, the community of developers will triple – creating a 10-fold increase in the number of new cloud-based solutions. Additionally, nearly half of large enterprises will be using hybrid clouds, a combination of public and private cloud environments, by the end of 2017. With access to services and APIs from across the tech industry, IBM’s platform-as a service helps developers build and deploy cloud innovations which seamlessly connect  data from  back end systems  of record where data and transactions are processed with systems of engagement such as mobile and social applications.

“The cloud is opening up new possibilities for app development by making it easier for developers to scale and integrate their data in ways which were never before possible” said Steve Robinson, General Manager, IBM Cloud Platform Services. “With Bluemix Dedicated now available in our global cloud center network, IBM is adding another onramp to the cloud for developers to move quickly and innovate but do so in a model that maintains the necessary levels of security and control”

Bluemix Dedicated; Bringing more control to cloud-based application development

Announced today, Bluemix Dedicated provides access to a collaborative, cloud-based platform in a single tenant environment, hosted in an IBM cloud center of an organization’s choice to allow for maximum control over where data resides. Supported with dedicated hardware from within a SoftLayer cloud center and direct network connectivity to the enterprise, Bluemix Dedicated will give users the unique benefits of SoftLayer – including a built-in private network and unparalleled control and workload visibility – and will initially offer runtime capability along with a core set of services, with plans to expand. Initial services available include:

-     Cloudant’s scalable, high-performance Database-as-a-Service

-     Data caching to improve the speed and responsiveness of web apps

-     Runtimes to give developers the flexibility to run their apps in the coding language of their choice

Using their most sensitive data, developers can build and run apps in Bluemix Dedicated, as well as pull in services from IBM’s public Bluemix catalogue, such as Watson APIs for cognitive computing, social data analytics and Aspera’s rapid data integration tools. Coupled with IBM’s growing network of local cloud centers, Bluemix Dedicated helps clients address concerns over data sovereignty, performance and compliance by giving them more control over the physical location of their data and production environments – enabling them to build mission-critical apps locally and scale globally.

For example, a UK-based retailer looking to drive sales during the holiday season could build and deploy a shopping application in a Bluemix Dedicated environment in IBM’s London cloud center to help it avoid the performance issues that can be presented by the noisy-neighbor problem in public clouds.

Private APIs to Help Enterprises Transition to Cloud

IBM is also introducing a new Private API catalog to help developers gain the most out of their on premise data as they move to the cloud. The Private API catalogue allows developers to build a secure connection between on-premise systems of record and IBM’s public Bluemix catalogue through an established dedicated tunnel; turning internal data into consumable services for internal developers and third parties to build applications on top of.

For example, the same aforementioned retailer, looking to drive more personal interactions with customers, can now use Bluemix’s Private API catalog to turn its customer database – living in its back-end, private infrastructure - into a secure, consumable API. This API can then be used to build a mobile app which can evaluate and make sense of buying habits via analytics. Matching it with geospatial tools also available on Bluemix, the retailer could enable push notifications to users, alerting them to relevant sales offerings when they are near the company’s brick-and-mortar stores.

Bluemix Garage at Level39 to Further Fuel Cloud Innovation in the UK

Building on the success of the Bluemix Garage in San Francisco, the newest addition to the Bluemix Garage network will open in Level39, Europe’s largest tech accelerator based in London. This Garage will serve as a central location for UK developers, product managers and designers – from both startups and enterprises alike – to collaborate with IBM consultants, as well as outside developers and entrepreneurs, to build the next generation of cloud apps.

Bluemix Garages help redefine how developers use the cloud to turn new ideas into products, helping to evolve them based on market feedback, as well as scale and integrate them with client systems through IBM Bluemix.

As part of that process, IBM will be working in conjunction with Canary Wharf Group’s accelerator space, Level39, to engage with Europe’s premier fintech sector. IBM will work with Level39 to enable startups in the financial technology sector, as well as other industries, to access cutting-edge development tools, consulting resources and face-to-face connections with other entrepreneurs, developers and mentors to help them grow their business. Having collaborated with Level39 on IBM SmartCamp competitions and on the recent ‘Hack [Make] the Bank’ Hackathon, IBM will be expanding its engagement with the accelerator to also include participation in Level39’s ‘Office Hours’ mentoring program and ongoing seminar initiatives.

“By delivering enterprise quality solutions with Bluemix, IBM is helping innovators develop robust platforms that are far more likely to pass the audit and compliance required when building at this level,” said Head of Level39, Eric Van der Kleij. “This, coupled with the strategy of promoting more open innovation and dialogue with the next generation of brands, is why we are delighted to welcome IBM’s Bluemix Garage to our Canary Wharf tech community, working right alongside IBM’s established client base.”​​

As they increasingly turn to the creativity of startups for fresh approaches to industry challenges, IBM’s enterprise client base will have even greater access to UK’s most talented entrepreneurs and developers through the London Bluemix Garage. In turn, the Garage will open the door for these startups to IBM’s extensive base of enterprise partners, equipping them with the connections to build more functional apps and apply technology across various industries, enabling them to monetize their solutions more quickly.

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IBM is expanding its Bluemix Garage network to London's Level39, a top European tech accelerator for financial, retail and smarter cities tech companies. (Credit: Level39)

Developers, designers and others collaborate at Level39, the new home of IBM's London Bluemix Garage (Credit: Level39)

Developers, startups and entrepreneurs collaborate at Level39, Europe's largest tech accelerator. (Credit: Level39)

IBM is collaborating with Level39, Europe's largest tech accelerator, to further fuel cloud innovation within London's rapidly growing fin-tech and startup ecosystem. (Credit: Level39)

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