MutualMind Migrates From Amazon Web Services and Rackspace to IBM Cloud to Unlock the Power of Social Media Data

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ARMONK, N.Y - 25 Sep 2014: IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced that MutualMind, a startup that provides social media sentiment analysis, has migrated from Amazon Web Services and Rackspace onto IBM cloud infrastructure, doubling the computing power of its real-time, on-demand content analysis and visualization application.

MutualMind helps customers monitor brand discussions on the social networks on which they have a presence, enabling them to gain fast, valuable insights from a myriad of posts, likes, comments and shares referencing their brand. With this feedback, customers can tune into social discussions about their brands, gauge sentiment, track competitors, identify influencers, engage with their audience and measure the ROI of their social media initiatives. Organizations – including some of the best-known brands in the world, such as Kraft, AT&T, Nestle, and Walgreens – use MutualMind to support various product development, market research and consumer care programs.

With more global brands turning to MutualMind, the company was quickly surpassing its ability to keep up with client demand. It needed a scalable cloud platform that could provide enough computing power to maintain high levels of performance, but was also within budget and could be configured to its unique architecture. Quickly surpassing its ability to keep up with client demand, MutualMind moved its application to SoftLayer, an IBM company, and doubled its computing capacity.

Big Data – especially generated by social media - is transforming the way businesses compete, interact with clients and respond to trends and industry shifts. As such, their ability to access and make sense of huge volumes of information, often in real-time, can help businesses transform their operations and gain a competitive advantage.

MutualMind’s application aggregates millions of documents – including YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook posts and more – allowing its customers to easily search through structured and unstructured data for mentions of its brand, products or any topic relating to their market or business. MutualMind’s platform can process between 30,000 to 80,000 different queries on these documents at any moment, so the power and scalability of SoftLayer’s platform are crucial elements for the company to deliver accurate and continuous customer engagement in real time. Utilizing SoftLayer's bare metal infrastructure, MutualMind’s engineers can appropriately customize and configure the right kind of servers and apply these changes where needed – such as when a client needs extra support for a major new product launch or social media campaign.

“We turned to IBM to help us upgrade our infrastructure and double our computing power, allowing us to improve processing efficiency, performance and scalability while also meeting growing customer demand,” said Barbar Bhatti, CEO and Co-Founder of MutualMind. “We now have the ability to successfully offer our products cost-efficiently and provide our customers the real-time support needed in today’s digitally social world.”

In addition, IBM cloud solutions are helping MutualMind better respond to today’s fast-moving and ever-changing business environments by enabling it to mine valuable Big Data where it resides.

“MutualMind is one of many startups looking to IBM to help deliver improved business solutions in the cloud,” said Sandy Carter, General Manager, Ecosystem Development, IBM. “In today’s social era, companies need real-time visibility into the immense amount of digital conversations happening around them, and should be able to respond to any feedback or crisis at a moment’s notice. Such a herculean task requires the power of the cloud – as well as a cloud infrastructure which is global, secure, and can scale precisely to a customer’s needs.”

About IBM Cloud Computing
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About MutualMind
MutualMind is a social listening platform that helps its customers Listen Smarter, by offering a white labeled desktop app, an API suite, and HD data visualization Command Center to help create a one-of-a-kind solution. Founded in 2009, MutualMind delvers outstanding products for social analytics for business users. Today, MutualMind serves world’s leading brands including many Fortune 100 companies. MutualMind is headquartered in Addison, Texas. For more information, visit

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