American Airlines Trains Flight Attendants Worldwide With IBM e-Learning Software

Timely safety training, cost savings critical to business bottom line

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - 05 Nov 2002: IBM today announced that American Airlines, the world's largest airline company, now offers online safety training to all of its 24,000 flight attendants with IBM's e-learning platform, IBM Lotus LearningSpace. Flight attendants can log on to one Web site from anywhere in the world and complete training in convenient four- to seven-minute segments. In addition to the short, easy-to-digest clips of instruction, the graphics, quizzes and flash animation built into the interactive online training course make annual safety training certification efficient and effective for American's flight attendants.

Through the learning management capabilities of Lotus LearningSpace, IBM's e-learning delivery platform, IBM has provided American Airlines with a centralized database for tracking all learning activities. As a result of working with IBM to bring its textbook training into an interactive online learning format, American Airlines' course administrators now have much more flexibility in updating courses from year to year, and providing timely safety and security training to flight attendants. Additionally, IBM has helped the airline reduce the publishing time for its flight safety materials and also helped reduce the costs of duplicating and distributing these materials.

"The full service package that IBM offers has allowed us to develop an effective online course for our large group of busy attendants," said Shanta Hudson-Fields, American's manager of line training and special projects. "In addition to providing a flexible training certification experience for our attendants, American has also brought efficiency and cost savings to our training processes using IBM's e-learning solution."

"Our work with American Airlines serves as further proof that IBM has the technology and expertise for organizations that are looking for measurable e-learning results," said Andy Sadler, director of IBM Mindspan Solutions. "With more and more businesses striving to meet industry certification and regulatory compliance measures, while trying to keep training costs down, IBM expects to see many other companies take cue from American Airlines and seek more creative, efficient ways to train employees."

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