IBM Cloud Helps ClickBalance Deliver Business Agility to Mexican SMBs through SoftLayer

Streamlines business operations in real time for more than 3,000 clients using IBM’s Cloud platform

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Mexico City, MEXICO - 07 May 2014: ClickBalance , an online Business Management company based in Mexico, and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today that ClickBalance has achieved an average business growth of up to 40 percent using to SoftLayer’s high-value cloud infrastructure. ClickBalance is running a proprietary business management system delivering online business processes and management features such as accounting, finance, management, suppliers management, human resources and billing to more than 3,000 small and medium sized businesses in Mexico. 

"Basing our business model on SoftLayer’s Cloud has been one of the most important business decisions for ClickBalance because it allows us to focus on what is most important to our customers, without having to focus our human resources and capital on technology or infrastructure maintenance, " said Francisco Salazar, Commercial Director of ClickBalance. "Seamlessly scaling our computing power and using the infrastructure in a smarter way allows us to provide our customers with more features and optimal performance." 

Through a user friendly online site and a Software as a Service (SaaS)- based Business Management System, ClickBalance has enabled its customers - ranging from construction and transportation companies, grocery stores and maquila companies - to obtain more competitive positions in their industries by allowing them prompt collection and payment of their services as well as to maintain compliance with the new Mexican electronic invoice provisions and regulations. Since 2009, SoftLayer’s high-value Cloud has allowed ClickBalance to support more than 44 million monthly business transactions in real time.   

ClickBalance has also developed new services in modular projects using Softlayer’s cloud computing global platform to support and respond to its entire future infrastructure, storage and processing requirements. SoftLayer’s cloud allows ClickBalance to maintain uninterrupted service levels with immediate access and optimal performance in a secure environment for its customers. 

"The support and reliability IBM gives is excellent and it helps us to provide our customers with an incomparable level of security and stability for our system," Salazar said. "The high performance cloud infrastructure matched with the ability to seamlessly scale our computing power to meet demand allows us to grow our business easier because server capacity is no longer an issue for us." 

In recent years, ClickBalance has focused its efforts on developing a comprehensive and affordable Enterprise Resource Planning Management System specifically designed for Mexican SMBs. Deploying it on SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure, ClickBalance is able to offer its ERP system for 40 percent of the cost of other similar options in the market, thereby accelerating its competitiveness and increasing its agility. 

Some ClickBalance´s clients testimonials: 

"ClickBalance’s system represents a modern and more operationally effective, safer and affordable option when compared to traditional enterprise systems that currently run in many companies today," said Juan Enrique Terrazas, General Director of Terrazas Lopez y Asociados SC (Accounting Services Buffet). "With strict tax-reporting requirements, our clients need to deliver automated accounting records while safeguarding and backing-up up their information and also ensuring transmission and reception of digital receipts. For this, ClickBalance has always been one step ahead and through our system, we help our customers to meet these requirements without having to change their business processes. For those professionals engaged in business regulations, advisory services and accounting oversight, like us, ClickBalance serves as a mechanism that can add visibility and better controls.” 

"The ClickBalance system allows us to have more effective time for other important business activities. Its system allows us to generate relevant, reliable, truthful and timely information based on control and parameters that you can establish directly in the system. I'm very pleased because I can ensure the desired profitability, from a friendly system." said Ricardo Rodarte, Director General of Domustik SA de CV

About ClickBalance

ClickBalance is a 100% Mexican company founded in 2010 with focus on developing Enterprise Management Systems for Small and Medium business in Mexico. It currently has more than 90 developers and employees helping more than 3,000 customers nationwide and has established itself as the leader in Cloud management solutions for SMBs in Mexico. 

About IBM Cloud Computing

IBM has helped more than 30,000 clients around the world with 40,000 industry experts. Since its acquisition in 2013, IBM SoftLayer has served 4,500 new cloud clients. Today, IBM has 100+ cloud SaaS solutions, thousands of experts with deep industry knowledge helping clients transform and a network of 40 data centers worldwide. Since 2007, IBM has invested more than $7 billion in 17 acquisitions to accelerate its cloud initiatives and build a high value cloud portfolio. IBM holds 1,560 cloud patents focused on driving innovation. In fact, IBM for the 21st consecutive year topped the annual list of US patent leaders. IBM processes more than 5.5M client transactions daily through IBM's public cloud. For more information about cloud offerings from IBM, visit Follow us on Twitter at @IBMcloud and on our blog at  Join the conversation #ibmcloud.

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