IBM Lotus Sametime Gains Further Ground In Enterprise Instant Messaging Market

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CAMBRIDGE, MA - 14 Nov 2002: IBM announced today that according to leading industry research, IBM Lotus Sametime is the standard at more than 70 percent of large organizations that have established an official corporate instant messaging platform. The figures are based on recent research results from Osterman Research ("Survey on Instant Messaging Issues")(1).

Sametime, with more than seven million corporate users worldwide, is gaining market share as more organizations choose to standardize on an instant messaging platform. According to the Osterman survey, Sametime now holds more than 30 percent of the corporate instant messaging market overall1, nearly ten percent more than its nearest enterprise rival. Almost two thirds of the Global Fortune 100 have purchased Sametime.

Sametime, which in 1999 was the industry's first enterprise instant messaging and presence platform provides corporations with encryption, logging and archiving, corporate directory integration and the ability to customize the software and incorporate it into other business applications. Sametime has also spawned a partner community that has created an industry around real-time enabling business applications to make companies faster and more responsive.

The latest version of the software, Sametime 3, also features an Instant Messaging Gateway. The gateway, which supports the SIP standard, gives organizations the ability to share presence awareness and exchange instant messaging between supported instant messaging communities.

Instant Messaging Strengthens B2B and B2C Collaboration
Organizations are implementing Sametime to enhance collaboration between employees, customers and partners. Avnet Computer Marketing, a division of Fortune 500 company Avnet, Inc., implemented Sametime within its technical support site because it offers security features and administrative controls that consumer instant messaging offerings lack. Through Sametime, Avnet customers have an additional support channel through which they can obtain instant access to, and support from, Avnet employees.

Terra Lycos, the largest global Internet network, is offering an instant messaging service based on Sametime to its worldwide users that it anticipates will be available by the end of this year. Eventually, Terra Lycos will offer communities the ability to customize their instant messaging client, and interoperability with other supported instant messaging communities. The new instant messaging service is an essential part of Terra Lycos' goal of offering the greatest value to its customers.

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