IBM Helps Mexican Transportation Company Operate Smarter and Become More Efficient

ADO Group looks to IBM Services to Manage Technology and Improve Customer Service

MEXICO CITY, Mexico - 07 Feb 2014: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Autobuses de Oriente / Grupo ADO (ADO Group) today announced a seven-year strategic alliance agreement to transform the transportation company’s IT operations and improve its customer service. ADO Group focuses mainly on urban, metropolitan and foreign passenger mobility. It’s more than 6,000 buses operate in 15 states; particularly in the center, south and southeast zones of Mexico.

IBM will help ADO Group manage and consolidate its full transportation operations, including its telecom services, help desk and site support, IT processes, and will oversee the migration of its data centers.  Through this partnership, ADO Group will be able to provide high availability to its customers through its online website, retail channels and bus terminals— which will minimize its operation risks, gain flexibility and avoid high resource rotation.  

Complementing the scope of the contract, IBM will serve as ADO Group’s strategic systems and IT executor specializing in infrastructure high value capacities, and will consult with the organization to establish innovative business growth plans. This transformation through sourcing services will enhance security measures for passenger transactions, and help ADO Group boost and develop their corporate responsibility vocation. 

"We are excited to work with ADO Group as a trusted partner in its new strategic vision,” said president and general manager of IBM Mexico Salvador Martinez Vidal. “By leveraging IBM’s expertise in transportation, we can help ADO Group to achieve more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent platforms for its customers.”  

Through IBM Research and the Smarter Cities initiative, this news further exemplifies how IBM is providing intelligent transportation systems for cities around the world. By integrating technology and intelligence into the physical transportation infrastructure, IBM helps cities like Mexico improve capacity, enhance the traveler experience and make transportation systems more efficient, safe, and secure.


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