IBM Delivers First ThinkVantage Technology For Multi-Vendor Environments

New ImageUltra Builder Helps IT Staff Save Money in Heterogeneous, Multi-Vendor Environments

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. - 19 Nov 2002: IBM today unveiled IBM ImageUltra Builder for Windows, a new IBM ThinkVantage Technology that enables IT professionals to simplify in-house control of their software images, and for the first time ever, even in multi-vendor environments.

As PC software images become more complex across a large enterprise, image management consumes even greater amounts of human and financial resources. These images can include numerous operating systems, applications, languages, configuration settings and data. ImageUltra Builder technologies help minimize time used by IT managers juggling the multiple images stored on their company's computers and can lower the organization's total cost of ownership by up to $100 per PC.

ImageUltra Builder -- based on IBM's patented manageability technologies -- is the first to manage software images in heterogeneous, multi-vendor environments. ImageUltra Builder is one of a set of new ThinkVantage Technologies that help customersdrive down information technology (IT) support costs, providing innovation for real business advantage. These technologies are at the heart of a new "Think" strategy from IBM, pointing toward a future where PCs will be able to take care of themselves.

The new strategy aligns personal computing with IBM's recently announced "e-business on demandTM" agenda. E-business on demand requires a new, integrated, end-to-end IT operating environment for business. The PCs that fit this new infrastructure will need to be simpler, more secure, and more resilient, and they will require fewer resources to deploy, manage and support.

IBM manageability technologies have saved some corporate customers up to 25 percent of the Total Cost of Ownership over a PC's lifetime. ImageUltra Builder works with industry-standard deployment tools, such as Microsoft (R) Sysprep, enhancing an IT department's ability to support a broad variety of notebook and desktop computers. Businesses that use ImageUltra Builder together with Sysprep will improve their efficiency and further reduce the number of images supported.

"Image management has been a source of grief for IT managers for many years. First with ImageUltra Services and now with ImageUltra Builder we have made significant improvement in the tools IT managers have available to deal with imaging challenges" said Bob Galush, vice president of product marketing, IBM Personal Computing Division. "Many companies have personal computers from a variety of vendors, and they've been asking us for a toolkit that would cover their entire business. So today we've released ImageUltra Builder for Windows to help manage all clients."

ImageUltra Builder for Windows will deliver greater flexibility to organizations and address most of the major problems associated with image management. The software can be used in many ways, including automating software application installation; easing the transition to a new operating system; reducing the number of custom images through consolidation; creating a custom image that will remain stable over time; and maintaining one image that can work across multiple PCs.

IBM ImageUltra Builder will also be available through IBM Business Partners, such as Insight Services Corporation, a subsidiary of Insight Enterprises, Inc. and provider of IT services.

"We expect ImageUltra Builder to help Insight quickly create, test, update and deploy images, generating additional services revenue," said Mike Wise, co-president of Insight Services Corporation. "The solution should simplify our ability to build a smaller number of software images, resulting in smoother and more efficient PC deployments for our customers."

Pricing and Availability
ImageUltra Builder for Windows will be generally available December 6 and cost $995 and include 30 client licenses. It will cost $15 per IBM client license up to 10,000 replications, and $12 per IBM license after 10,000 replications. For non-IBM clients, the price is $30 for 10,000 or less and $25 for more than 10,000 replications. For more information about ImageUltra Builder, see

New IBM Desktop PCs
ImageUltra Builder for Windows is compatible with three new IBM NetVista desktop PCs announced today. The NetVista M42 and A30p feature the Intel Pentium 4 processor running at speeds up to 3.06 GHz. The new NetVista A30 features the Intel Celeron A30 processor, running at speeds up to 2.0 GHz. The NetVista M Series, starting at $879, is designed for manageability and scalability across the enterprise, and is offered in four form factors (tower, standard desktop, sealed desktop, and small desktop) with a common system board and software image. The A Series, starting at $499, includes desktop and tower configurations. Select models of the M42 and A30p also offers a choice of Intel Integrated PRO/1000 MX Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet) or Integrated Intel 10/100 Ethernet VE, to accommodate increased network traffic and bandwidth-hogging multimedia applications.

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