IZUMIYA Plans Twenty Percent IT Operating Cost Reduction with Integration onto IBM zEnterprise Hybrid System

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TOKYO, Japan - 03 Apr 2013: IBM (NYSE: IBM) Japan today announced that it is helping IZUMIYA Co., Ltd. create a new IT systems environment that will enable the company to achieve a 20 percent reduction in IT systems and administration costs.

IBM Japan transferred 15 UNIX servers to IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extensions, integrating with IZUMIYA’s current IBM zEnterprise 114 creating a hybrid IBM System zEnterprise. From now on, IZUMIYA will continue integrating over 100 distributed servers into the System zEnterprise hybrid with the anticipated IT administration cost reduction of 20 percent.

IZUMIYA, which operates general retail stores primarily in the Kansai area, has set a goal to revolutionize the “low cost structure,” and creating the hybrid System zEnterprise is a key component of that strategy. The hybrid system will manage orders, delivery, sales and payment of merchandise through the zEnterprise 114 and support input/output interface with users, which deals with merchandise information through IBM’s zBX. The IBM System zEnterprise is a hybrid system that is able to centrally control this mixed environment of different platforms, enabling the reduction of administrative burdens and cost by means of more efficient systems monitoring and simplified systems operations.

IZUMIYA will integrate more than 100 additional distributed servers, step by step, to promote its evolution of a lower cost structure. The server installation area will be reduced from 1800 sq. ft. to 180 sq. ft., decreasing not only space and IT systems, but administration and electricity costs. Investments arising from these savings will be used to provide better merchandise and services to IZUMIYA customers.

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