Universities World-Wide Respond To IBM's Open Approach To Software Development

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SOMERS, NY - 09 Dec 2002: IBM has taken to the road from Beijing, China to Paderborn, Germany, sponsoring its University Days program - designed to help software programming students create open-standards-based e-business software.

The University Days program is expected to reach nearly 10,000 students in 22 universities world-wide by year's end and includes education, training and resources on IBM's open infrastructure software called "middleware."

"IBM is committing to the University Days program to show the future architects of the IT world - how IBM middleware can open options for e-business world-wide," said Gina Poole, Vice President, Developer Marketing and Web Communities. "Our strategy is to demonstrate the value of open software, which provides businesses with greater flexibility and productivity."

The University Days program showcases IBM's comprehensive resources for open, standard-based technology, including XML, Linux, Web Services, as well IBM's WebSphere, Lotus, DB2, the eServer family of servers, Tivoli and pervasive software.

The success of the program has created opportunities for IBM to work with professors on creating e-business curricula focused on using IBM middleware - offering students resources normally reserved for IBM partners and developers.

As a result, IBM material is now being taught in the United States at City University of New York, Boston College, Southwest Texas State University and the University of Texas. Other academic institutions exposing students to IBM technologies and providing certifications include: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Florida International University and Tennessee State University.

The universities selected IBM to provide a critical component of their teaching platform because WebSphere supports the broadest range of Web services standards, including both Java and XML.

Central to IBM's strategy commitment to offer new and experienced developers valued resources is developerWorks (www.ibm.com/developerWorks), IBM's free, online resource for developers.

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