IBM Teams With Content Providers To Add More Business News & Information To WebSphere Portal

Also To Provide Tighter Links To Applications From Additional 56 Software Developers

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SOMERS, NY - 19 Dec 2002: IBM today announced agreements with providers of business news and information, such as Financial Times and Pinnacor, in which they will make their personalized content directly accessible to users of IBM's WebSphere Portal software.

Financial Times and Pinnacor (formerly ScreamingMedia) will offer complimentary trial subscriptions for their service to IBM customers as they install IBM's portal software. Meanwhile, providers such as Factiva, Tribune Media Services' FluentMedia, Dialog NewsEdge, and Nikkei DeskTop (Japan) are creating -- or currently offer -- portlets to link their databases more tightly with portals powered by IBM WebSphere Portal software.

IBM is today announcing that an additional 56 software companies have also agreed to create portlets to more tightly link their software applications, designed for a wide range of industries and functions, with IBM's WebSphere Portal technology. IBM will have added more than 400 portlets from independent software developers to its WebSphere Portal catalog this year, and created 150 of its own portlets.

Making additional, and more personalized, information available to portal users will fuel the adoption of what is already a hot technology. Business news, information and analysis, in particular, will make corporate portals even more relevant to employees, and give them the tools to make better and more timely business decisions.

The new portlets announced today include knowledge management, collaboration, and search / retrieval applications. Users import from a Web catalog the portlets they need to do their jobs. Portlets can push such things as stock tickers, weather forecasts, calendars and news bulletins to a desktop, or be clicked on to connect users to personal productivity, core business or collaborative applications.

"Today's announcement is a microcosm of the support we have enjoyed from partners this past year, and illustrates the resources of WebSphere Portal available to customers, right out of the box, to help give them a quick return on investment," said Larry Bowden, Vice President, IBM Portals Solutions Software Group.

The complimentary subscriptions to business news and information services are available when installing Version 4.2 of IBM WebSphere Portal.

Business portals are the new, Web-based corporate computer desktops, consolidating and linking an employee's applications. Portals are internal and external Web sites that enable employees, business partners and customers to interact with information, people, processes, and software applications from just one browser, and with one password. Among other benefits, this reduces information overload and promotes productivity.

Analysts are also predicting steady growth for portals. IDC announced that the portal market will reach more than $3.1 billion by 2006, from $550 million in 2001. And Forrester Research says that nearly 60 percent of companies will have a portal initiative underway this year.

IBM's momentum has been noticed by industry analysts. Gartner recently placed IBM's WebSphere Portal in the Leader quadrant in the Horizontal Portal Product Magic Quadrant*, which measures a vendor's vision, and the ability to execute that vision. Gartner defines Leaders as those who are performing well today, have a clear vision of market direction, and are actively building competencies to sustain their leadership position in the market.

The software vendors and service providers joining the IBM PartnerWorld Portlet Provider Offering include:

AcuStaf Development Corporation - scheduling & decision support software for healthcare, hospitality and retail
Adexa - enterprise business planning
Arkivio, Inc. - data resource management automation
Aztlan Technologies - customized portlet development
Back Bay - IT solutions
BizFore - collaboration, knowledge management integration
BowStreet - rapid portlet development
Business Objects - business intelligence & enterprise performance management
Clear Technologies - mid-market customer relationship management
Cognizant Technology Solutions - fourth-generation offshore services
Cognos - corporate performance management
CommercialWare - cross-channel retail solutions
Compoze - Microsoft Exchange/Lotus Domino integration and collaboration
Covigo - rapid portlet/offline development
DataGlider - portal factory for integrated business data
Dialog NewsEdge - eContent global news solutions
Droplets - rich, thin client platform
EasyAsk - natural language search and retrieval
EchoSpace, Inc. - remote access smart clients
Edocs - self-service e-billing software
Elevon - collaborative commerce
Emblaze Systems - rich media
Enigma - content infrastructure for capital equipment aftermarket
EximSoft Technologies - knowledge management
Financial Times - timely, global business news, comment and analysis
Greenpoint Inc. - J2EE graphing and charting engine
InQuira - interactive marketing, self-service & search
JD Edwards - collaborative enterprise software
Kamoon - expertise management
Knowmadic - Web-enabled application and process integration
NetSilica, Inc. - secure remote access and data transfer
NetStar Technologies - multimedia communications service provider
Network Plus Consulting - IBM iSeries WebSphere solutions
Nikkei - business news and information content
NPS Tech - enterprise resource planning/mobile
Pinnacor - business and financial information and analytical applications
Republica Corp. - XML-based collaboration middleware
RSA - trusted identity and access management solutions
Sapiens - global insurance solutions provider
Shree Consultants - wireless collaborative solutions services
Softwerc Technologies, Inc. - point-and-click portlet development
Systemcorp, ALG - enterprise portfolio program management
Torry Harris Business Solutions - Web portals, EAI, distributed computing
WebCollage - Web application integration & syndication
WebEx Communications, Inc. - online meetings and visual communications
YellowBrix, Inc. - relevant, timely information

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