IBM Prescribes Centralized Storage Solution For Credit Valley Hospital

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MARKHAM, ON - 20 Dec 2002: IBM Canada Ltd. has implemented a centralized storage solution for The Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, resulting in faster response times when clinicians call up vital patient information that will include large diagnostic image files.

Credit Valley sees more than 200,000 patients a year and is predicted to double in size in the next five years. In an effort to ensure patient care is at the highest level possible, and to account for the tremendous growth that is anticipated, the hospital chose to implement an IBM Storage Area Network (SAN). This SAN solution is built around the "Shark" Enterprise Storage Server and is designed to grow along with the hospital. SANs simplify backup, increase security, and free up both computing resources and data that had been attached to an individual server or application. Credit Valley Hospital's centralized solution can respond quickly to changing user needs, on demand.

"Credit Valley has earned considerable recognition as a technological leader in healthcare. One way we have achieved this is by anticipating our patients' needs today and in the future," said Dan Germain, vice president and chief financial officer responsible for information technology at Credit Valley. "IBM is helping us deliver a cost-effective, scalable storage solution that results in faster access to data for our healthcare professionals which ultimately leads to better care for our patients."

IBM's storage solution supports many of the hospital's systems, including:

The IBM SAN solution will help ensure accurate and readily available electronic medical records, diagnostic images and other patient data -- all of which are considered crucial in helping to enhance patient care.

Previously, the hospital had a distributed environment using hard drives attached to individual servers. Aside from the need to backup on a machine-by-machine basis, the infrastructure was slow, often resulting in delays in even routine tasks such as printing and email delivery. With IBM's Storage Area Network, Credit Valley now performs backups centrally, and has permanently eliminated data bottlenecks. Clinicians accessing archived patient information records will wait only a few seconds to view a record -- something that previously took up to 45 seconds. The result is that physicians now have reliable access to information they need to help patients in a timely fashion.

IBM Global Services implemented the new storage systems for the hospital, which includes IBM's Enterprise Storage Server (Shark) Model 800 with 8TB of disk capacity. SAN Fibre Channel Switches, IBM NAS 300G Model G26 gateway, and a 3584 Ultrium LTO UltraScalable Tape Library for centralized data backup are also integrated into the hospital's infrastructure. Using this consolidated approach, the hospital can easily add more storage space on-the-fly -- up to four times the existing capacity -- without disrupting their current storage setup.

"The Credit Valley Hospital is becoming what IBM calls an 'on-demand business,'" said Kyle Foster, storage sales executive, IBM Canada Ltd. "IBM's Storage Area Network is helping Credit Valley respond to the variable and time-sensitive needs of its medical staff. We are helping to connect disparate technologies across the hospital with easier to manage systems that respond quickly and can grow painlessly."

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