IBM Unveils Analytics Solution to Help Clients Extract Insight from Patents and Intellectual Property

Cloud-Based Service to Unleash Innovations for Life Sciences and Chemical Industries

ARMONK, N.Y., - 08 Dec 2011: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced new analytics software and services designed to help companies understand and more effectively use intellectual property, scientific literature and molecular data to advance their business. By providing rapid access to worldwide patent data, researchers can tap into one of the most extensive sets of data available to explore new innovations

 IBM's cloud computing-based business analytics and optimization strategic IP insight platform (SIIP) can enable organizations to quickly mine and use information in scientific literature and patents by bringing together much of the world’s body of patent information in one place and applying advanced analytics. For example, it can automatically use image analysis and enhanced optical recognition of chemical images and symbols to extract information from patents and literature upon publication. This is a task that otherwise takes weeks and months to complete manually, but can be done rapidly by using this new technology.

Life sciences, chemical and consumer goods companies are under intense pressure to enhance the performance of their research and development programs and use intellectual property more effectively. In these industries, profits are driven by unique product offerings or identifying new market opportunities. Finding and correlating the latest scientific research and patent information is critical in identifying new market opportunities. This requires sorting, cataloging and analyzing mountains of information. It is labor-intensive, costly and often misses critical information that could be used for innovation.

“In the competitive R&D environment, it’s critical to respond quickly to changes in the patent landscape and quickly analyze data,” said John Kinney, Ph.D., fellow, DuPont. “IBM SIIP is a very powerful tool for allowing us to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our different research programs and to help focus our resources on the most promising areas.”

Using the IBM SmartCloud, deep analytics tools are applied against patent documents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office and World Intellectual Property Organization and the public domain portion of scientific abstracts from the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE database to expose valuable insights about the competitive landscape. IBM SIIP can be used to help identify new market opportunities and potential collaboration partners. The solution also enhances the ability to manage and monetize Intellectual Property portfolios, and helps companies pursue stronger, higher quality patents.

Originally developed by IBM researchers and used to support the company’s patent and intellectual property strategy, SIIP has been used by hundreds of intellectual property experts across IBM for intellectual property management and licensing. In addition, many of the world’s top life sciences companies are using SIIP across their research and development and intellectual property divisions for its special capability to extract biological and chemical information from patents.

Automated Cloud-Based Curation

Until recently, chemical data stored in patents was not available in a format accessible to computers. IBM’s SIIP technology can read and understand molecular structures drawn in chemical compound form – a key differentiator from existing patent search tools. Automated curation makes important data rapidly searchable and helps researchers visualize chemical compounds in ways that were not possible before. 

For example, it can extract molecules and chemical information from patents, abstracts and publications within 24 hours of their publication, allowing for near real-time access to information. The system has extracted more than 200 million chemical instances from more than 30 million patents and scientific abstracts and articles from around the globe.

The IBM SmartCloud enables powerful high-speed analytics in the cloud, allowing sharing across multiple organizations, something especially important as cross-company collaboration grows among research and development organizations. The IBM SmartCloud also makes massive amounts of data updated and available in near real-time. Using an interactive Web browser, a new user can begin performing advanced analytics within minutes.

“IBM SIIP was designed to help transform the innovation process across a range of industries by making it feasible to look at all the information that exists today and all the research that has already been carried out,” said Chris Moore, partner and vice president, global business analytics and optimization leader, IBM Global Business Services. “It provides a new approach to finding and correlating critical information through the combination of underlying data, deep analytics, delivery via the cloud as well as customized services to help research and development organizations fundamentally change their business.

IBM Global Business Services also announced today related consulting and business transformation services for clients using SIIP.

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IBM BAO strategic IP insight platform enables organizations to quickly mine and use information in scientific literature and patents by bringing together much of the world’s body of patent information in one place and applying advanced analytics.

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