PGA TOUR Launching Dynamic 'TOURCast' Application to Provide Real-Time Tournament Access on PGATOUR.COM

Linux Power from IBM Revolutionizes Internet Coverage of PGA TOUR for 2003

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NEW YORK - 22 Jan 2003: At LinuxWorld in New York today, the PGA TOUR and IBM announced the launch of TOURCast, a first-of-its-kind online application that enables golf fans to follow tournament action in real time or replay through rich graphic and statistical presentations.

Available exclusively on, TOURCast combines Linux computing power from IBM with existing technology from the PGA TOUR ShotLink scoring system to provide unprecedented access to every player, every hole and every shot.

TOURCast soon will be available as a key feature of a new subscription service offered by the PGA TOUR and a free version of TOURCast also will be available at PGATOUR.COM.

As the PGA TOUR's official information technology partner for the past 10 years, IBM worked closely with the TOUR to bring TOURCast to the Web. Golf fans can now interact more closely with the play of more than 100 players by graphically tracking live tournament action from their home or office.

Golf fans using TOURCast can:

"TOURCast will provide the PGA TOUR fan with unprecedented information in a fun, easy-to-use, graphical experience," said Steve Evans, PGA TOUR Vice President of Information Services. "Gone are the days of watching a list of names waiting for a score to change. TOURCast will transport the fans onto the course where they can experience the holes, the shots and the tournament storylines in real-time."

"The innovative TOURCast online service from the PGA TOUR is able to scale up or down to accommodate the growth and significant variability of users projected by the PGA TOUR," said Jim Corgel, General Manager, IBM e-business on demand services. "TOURCast is yet another example of how businesses can meet the needs of their customers through customized IBM on-demand business solutions."

Professional golf presents a unique sports challenge. Unlike other sports that are played with one ball and can be televised in their entirety, a golf event has over 100 players, all using their own ball, playing throughout the day over four days. IBM, in conjunction with the PGA TOUR and Sportvision, designed and developed TOURCast to dynamically integrate the information gathered by the ShotLink scoring system so golf fans can customize their interactive experience to access the vast amounts of data more effectively.

The TOURCast application runs on Linux Virtual Services - a powerful, cost-effective on demand service hosted by IBM that allows the PGA TOUR to pay only for the power and capacity required to meet actual consumer demand for TOURCast.

Linux Virtual Services -- Computing On Tap from IBM
Linux Virtual Services is available to customers as either a supplement to their existing capacity or as a flexible alternative to owning the physical hardware. At the core of the service is an IBM innovation that creates "virtual servers" from the computing capacity of IBM zSeries mainframes and IBM Enterprise Storage Servers running Linux in IBM e-business hosting centers. By partitioning the processing, storage and network capacity for each customer, IBM isolates individual demand on the system and maps resources to that demand, providing a level of separation between customers similar to that of a physical server.

Linux Virtual Services, IBM's newest on-demand service, allows customers to purchase processing power on-demand, by the "service unit," a measure that equates to the processing power being utilized. Since service units are based on a customer's anticipated demand, there is no need to over deploy capacity, enabling customers to avoid wasting money on unused capacity.

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