IBM Survey: Frugal, Yet Optimistic Shoppers Driving Smarter Retail Through Technology and Mobility

IBM Best-Positioned Technology Provider to Help Retailers Meet the Needs of the Instrumented, Smarter Consumer

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ARMONK, N.Y., - 11 Jan 2011: A new IBM (NYSE: IBM) survey of more than 30,000 consumers released today demonstrates that, while shoppers are optimistic about the future, they have developed attitudes during the global recession over the past several years that still dictate their behavior:  They buy what they need, search for items on sale and wait longer to purchase, and they have embraced the use of technology throughout every step of the process.

According to the study:

Serve me, don't sell me

In this new environment, service is paramount, and consumers should be at the center of any retailer's strategy. In order to succeed, retailers need to do three things:  listen to, know and empower consumers.

"As we're finally starting to come out of a very painful recession, we're seeing consumers who are finally optimistic about the future. This new attitude, however, doesn't mean they're rushing to stores and spending like the pre-recession heyday," said Jill Puleri, IBM Global Industry Retail Executive, IBM Global Business Services. "Retailers need to personalize the shopping experience for consumers, using to technology to better understand and serve their consumer, if they want to win in this new environment."

From its more than 200 retail patents, to the invention of the bar code over 30 years ago; to its thousands of in-house professionals and partners in retail around the globe and its position as the world's market share leader in point-of-sale (POS) systems, IBM has a rich history in retail and is best-positioned to help retailers address the smarter consumer. IBM provides business consulting and delivery services, retail industry solutions comprising merchandising and supply chain management, multi-channel retailing and performance analytics. Its Retail Center for Competency helps retailers leverage technology to streamline costs, reduce inefficiencies, aid product development and speed go-to-market activities.

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