Sugamo Shinkin Bank Adopts IBM Desktop Cloud to Improve Security and Operational Efficiency

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ARMONK, N.Y., - 19 Aug 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced its agreement with Sugamo Shinkin Bank to build a virtual client environment utilizing IBM's Smart Business Desktop Cloud.  As part of the project, Sugamo Shinkin Bank has begun migrating 900 personal computers (PCs) from the bank's 45 sites to the new environment.

Sugamo Shinkin Bank continues to address appropriate management of client information under its management principles - which are to 'protect our client from any kind of risks' - through technology initiatives that aim to provide further security.

Previously, Sugamo Shinkin Bank needed to configure the PCs of 45 sites separately, The use of the desktop cloud environment provides automatic updates to all related client environments and will eliminate the use of update releases for all the sites and a separate configuration process on each PC. The desktop cloud environment will only require an update on the virtual desktop environment via the server, and the data will be managed over the secure data center servers and no longer stored on the client side.  By utilizing IBM's Smart Business Desktop Cloud, Sugamo Shinkin Bank will improve security and significantly increase operational efficiency.  

Initially, 200 client terminals in five sites will start operation in the desktop cloud environment in August 2010.  Sugamo Shinkin Bank plans to shift other sites in order to complete migration of all the 900 PCs of 45 sites by the end of the year.

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