Italy's University of Bari Uses IBM System z Cloud to Help Local Fisherman Auction Day's Catch While Still at Sea

New IBM Mainframe Also Helps Local Wine Makers and Trucking Companies Analyze Business Opportunities, Reduce Costs

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ARMONK, N.Y. and BARI, Italy, - 02 Jul 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the University of Bari (Universita di Bari) has selected an IBM System z mainframe as part of a cloud computing project to help local businesses, including fishermen, winemakers and trucking companies, adopt new business models.

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The University of Bari is committed to solving community challenges through technology, providing a test-bed for software, devices, services, laboratories and other technical instrumentation.  Delivering services through an IBM System z mainframe and cloud computing allows multiple entities to tap into heavy-duty computing power at minimal cost and lowers the barrier to help local businesses to benefit from this technology.

For example, using a touch screen installed on fishing boats, local fishermen can immediately determine demand in local fish markets that on average handle 100 thousand tons of fish per year. Directly from the boats, using simple touch screen systems, fisherman enter the type of fish caught just minutes ago and instantaneously start a virtual auction with wholesalers on the docks.  

If the auction price for a specific type of fish is too low, the fish can be thrown back or redirected to a nonprofit organization such as a soup kitchen. If the price is acceptable, the system automatically provides the necessary distribution between boxes to allow the fish to be packed before the boat arrives at the pier.

The University of Bari has also developed systems running on the IBM System z mainframe focused on wine production.  Winemakers at up to 60 cooperative wineries are able to determine market demand for various types of wines by accessing the cloud computing-based systems, then package and ship wines demanding the highest price.  

Additionally, the University of Bari has created a logistics solution for the trucking industry.  Trucks installed with sensors transmit data on temperature, humidity levels, routes and traffic congestion through the cloud to be analyzed in real time by the IBM System z mainframe.  The server analyzes data from the trucks to determine potential maintenance issues or less congested traffic routes.  

The University of Bari is developing cloud-based solutions for southern Italy as part of the Daisy-Net consortium, which includes companies and universities from five regions of southern Italy. Daisy-Net researches, develops and provides transfer and training activities for new technologies in the information and communication technology sector and beyond.

The cloud solution is built on an IBM System z9 Business Class mainframe running the Linux operating system, and includes DB2, WebSphere and Tivoli middleware from IBM.

About the University of Bari

The Universita degli Studi di Bari or University of Bari in Italy was founded in 1925. It is a state-supported university which is divided into 12 faculties. Each faculty has its own set of departments that focus on the arts, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, literature, medicine, law, and education.

About IBM System z

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