IBM Rolls out Broad Portfolio Of SMB Software

New IBM Express Products from DB2, Lotus and Tivoli Join Successful WebSphere Offerings to Help SMBs Integrate and Manage Business Processes

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NEW ORLEANS - 18 Feb 2003: IBM today announced the rollout of a broad portfolio of infrastructure software for small and medium businesses (SMBs) under the Express banner from its DB2(a), Lotus(a), and Tivoli(a) brands, joining successful WebSphere(a) offerings announced last fall.

Designed, priced and marketed specifically to help SMBs integrate and manage their different business processes, the new open standards-based middleware from IBM will provide an alternative to a proprietary approach to computing.

The new IBM offerings help mid-sized firms address core e-business requirements such as data management, storage management, collaboration and messaging. These new products specifically address the needs of SMBs to integrate their different types of operations, such as those for managing finance and accounting, customer relationships or the supply chain. Open infrastructure software -- or middleware -- is the foundation for making integration easier and less costly to achieve and is part of a $150 billion growth opportunity for information technology companies in the mid-market, according to AMI Partners of New York. According to IDC, more than 54 percent of North American companies' IT spending (hardware, software and services) is now from companies with less than 1,000 employees.

The new software also allows companies to leverage existing investments and realize e-business benefits and return on investment much faster than is possible with proprietary platforms. Businesses that integrate all their operations end-to-end across the company and with suppliers, customers and employees will take a major step toward becoming an on demand e-business -- able to respond with flexibility and speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat.

"The IBM Express offerings announced today also help lower costs and improve administration through autonomic computing characteristics such as self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimizing and self- protecting features -- all key attributes of a successful on-demand environment," said Mark Ouellette, Vice President of SMB Software Sales and Marketing, IBM. "It's these autonomic capabilities that allow IT professionals to focus on critical business needs rather than managing the system itself."

The following new IBM Express offerings were developed in consultation with Business Partners and configured for them to resell and customize to meet the needs of their customers:

Feedback from Business Partners indicates that the new Express offerings will to be as successful in the market as previously released WebSphere - Express products. For example, more than 1,000 Business Partners have already decided to adopt WebSphere Application Server - Express and WebSphere Portal - Express since the products were announced late last year. WebSphere Application Server - Express, which already supports Linux and Windows, will add support on February 21 for IBM's iSeries -- an integrated mid-market server that features mainframe-class technology -- and will add support for AIX, Solaris and HP-UX in later in the first half of this year.

In the second quarter IBM will also release the next version of WebSphere Portal - Express, which will include support for Linux and Microsoft SQL Server as well as offer new collaboration features from Lotus software. WebSphere Portal - Express on Linux gives SMBs an open, cost-effective and reliable workplace platform for all industries, promoting productivity and efficiency.

For Business Partners, IBM's Express portfolio offers a strategic platform for delivering midmarket solutions and customer value. For ISVs, IBM Express offerings provide an ROI that will support ISV profitably, adding value to their solutions over time. For other solution providers, the IBM Express products can help establish repeatable engagements and be used as a springboard to larger opportunities.

IBM Express Product Process
IBM understands that SMBs have unique and differing technology needs and has invested in the development of products and services designed, priced and marketed specifically for these customers as they become on demand businesses. With that in mind, IBM has created a rigorous process to ensure that all Software Group product offerings that use the "Express" designation adopt attributes that are important for success in the medium business market, including being priced to market, provides the right functions, is a complete software solution, is extensible and flexible, has a reasonable footprint, and that it's easy to install, manage, integrate, learn and use. The assessment framework also enables product teams to quickly leverage existing market intelligence, benchmark their product's fit to medium business wants and needs, identify competitive gaps and prioritize action items for improving product relevancy to medium businesses.

Passport Advantage Express Licensing
As business partners are a primary route to market for IBM's $13 billion software division, IBM will offer new training and support programs that help partners resell, install, integrate and finance the new Express software. For example, a new offering, known as the Passport Advantage Express, has a much simplified licensing model that will make it easier for small and medium-sized customers to acquire IBM technology -- particularly Express offerings -- and easier for Business Partners to work with IBM to serve this community. Passport Advantage Express will have the following characteristics:

For more information about IBM DB2 Express, IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager Express Edition, IBM Lotus Domino Collaboration Express, and IBM Lotus Utility Server Express, please visit

IBM Express Portfolio
The IBM Express portfolio consists of software products designed, priced and marketed specifically to help small and medium businesses evolve into on demand businesses. IBM has created a rigorous process to ensure that all Software Group product offerings that use the Express designation have been specifically developed with attributes that are important for success in the medium business market, including:

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