IBM Launches World's Most Powerful Entry Level Web Server

POWER4+ Technology Brings Greater Performance to Customers

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ARMONK, NY - 21 Feb 2003: IBM today announced its next-generation chip technology is now available in entry level UNIX® servers that more than triple the performance of comparable servers from Sun.

Leveraging IBM's POWER4+™ microprocessor, the eServer™ pSeries™ 630 is the industry's most powerful entry level (4-way) Web server offering three and a half times the performance of Sun's V480 [1]. This new eServer system is transforming the economics for customers; it's affordably priced without making any compromises on reliability or performance.

Fossil, a leader and innovator in watch design and fashion accessories, will use the eServer p630 with POWER4+ technology for SAP application testing prior to its rollout to the full network that also includes four eServer p670 systems. Additionally, Fossil will use Tivoli® software for systems management and the advanced logical partitioning features of the eServer p630 with the POWER4+ processor for backup and recovery.

"The mainframe characteristics of the eServer p630 with POWER4+ technology, including partitioning and dynamic resource allocation, packaged in an entry level server, are very appealing to us," said Ed Jurica, CIO, Fossil. "Having a POWER4+ based eServer p630 system falls directly into our long term technology plans for acquiring the highest levels of server performance at the lowest possible cost."

"The rollout of POWER4+ microprocessor technology into entry level servers continues to redefine the price/performance equation for customers," said Karl Freund, vice president, IBM eServer pSeries. "The eServer p630 with POWER4+ technology is affordably priced and offers entry level customers an unprecedented level of performance and reliability."

The POWER4+ microprocessor takes advantage of IBM's most advanced 0.13 micron fabrication process and contains over 180 million transistors. The POWER™ family of microprocessors is among the most widely used in the industry and can be found in Nintendo game consoles, Apple computers and some of the world's most powerful supercomputers and storage systems.

In a critical measure of secure Web serving performance, a 4-way eServer p630 set an industry record for entry level (4-way) systems supporting 1,988 simultaneous connections, far outpacing the 568 simultaneous connections achieved by the 4-way Sun Fire V480 on the SPECweb99_SSL performance measure.[2]

The eServer p630 set an additional 4-way Web serving record when the system processed 6,895 simultaneous connections, offering greater than 50 percent more performance than a 4-way Sun Fire V480 with 4,500 simultaneous connections.[3]

In a key measure of file serving performance a 4-way eServer p630 with the POWER 4+ chip processed 33,593 operations per second, nearly twice as many than a 4-way HP rp5470 which came in with 17,979, based on SPECsfs97_R1.v3 benchmark results.[4]

The IBM eServer p630 with POWER4+ technology is designed to run the AIX® and Linux® operating systems. [5] Advanced LPAR capability of the eServer p630 enables customers to divide the machine into up to four "virtual" servers. These systems, which can be as small as a single processor, can dynamically change in size to accommodate shifting workloads.

IBM is also announcing today that the eServer p630 with POWER4+ technology is now available in Linux ready Express Configurations starting at $19,025.[6] IBM plans to make these systems available on February 28.