IBM Analytics Streamlines Processes For Russian Prosecutor General's Office

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MOSCOW, Russia - 08 Apr 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation today announced the completion of a new information system powered by IBM analytics. The system is designed to streamline the work of employees of the Prosecutor General's office by consolidating operations and providing an extensive regional network that carries out business inspections in all Russian regions. The new system is part of the Russian Government's strategy to ensure transparency and openness of business inspections.

Through automation, prosecutors will be able to make audit decisions faster and provide greater workflow security. IBM business analytics will allow employees of the Prosecutor General's Office to generate reports with various levels of complexity automatically, and also create new forms and text and graphical reports without involving programmers or analysts.

The new IBM system provides full content management, automated document-oriented work processes and results monitoring. For example, electronic forms now give employees an alternative to scanning paper applications, and the built-in mechanisms for automatic testing of rules and regulations accelerate decision-making. The system is also providing easy and secure access to resources on the internal interface. User-specific access policies ensure compliance with all required regulations, while significantly reducing the workload associated with processing this information.

Specialists who need to make decisions quickly can respond to requests in electronic format and receive applications automatically. This can significantly reduce processing time and delivery of legally significant information, which previously had to be sent via regular mail and took at least three days to process. The IBM solution helps the Prosecutor General's office make the inspection plan more transparent and visible both to Prosecutor General's employees and businesses.

"The IBM system will strengthen the interaction between government and business, and increase business confidence to the regulatory authorities' activities," said Sergei Taran, the Head of IT Department of Prosecutor General's Office. "Such a system must be extremely reliable, compatibility and secure. The functionality of the IBM system will enable us to provide centralized control of a complex interaction of business and Prosecutor General's Office all over Russia."

The second phase of the project is currently underway.

"IBM is collaborating with government agencies and commercial organizations worldwide to build smart systems," said Kiryll Kornilyev, Country General Manager, IBM Russia.  "Our agreement with the Prosecutor General's Office provides an innovative transformation of the working process."

The contract was signed in November 2009, and the project was implemented by Open Technologies, an IBM prime partner.

IBM has invested more than $12 billion to build an analytics portfolio which includes organic innovation and acquisitions. In addition, IBM has assembled 4,000 analytics consultants with industry expertise, and opened a network of seven analytics centers of excellence.  Today, IBM is working with more than 250,000 clients worldwide on predictive analytics, including 22 of the top 24 global commercial banks, 18 of the world's top 22 telecommunication carriers and 11 of the top 12 U.S. specialty retailers.

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