IBM Helps Chongqing Jinshan Science & Technology With Business Transformation

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CHONGQING, China - 24 Sep 2009: Chongqing Jinshan Science & Technology Inc. (Jinshan), a leader in China's healthcare industry, is working with IBM (NYSE: IBM) as it transforms from a traditional medical device supplier to a provider of medical and health management services. Jinshan will use IBM's digital service capabilities and health technology solutions to move into medical and healthcare management services using Jinshan's capsule endoscope technology.

Capsule endoscopy provides new diagnostic opportunities for gastroenterologists, turning video endoscopy into a less invasive and more complete examination, used to spot early symptoms of gastric and esophageal disease. According to Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital, Gastric cancer is a leading malignant disease in China and esophageal cancer, more common in eastern countries than western countries, is the first or second most common cancer in China. 

Jinshan is using IBM technology, including DB2 software, to improve its flagship product, OMOM Capsule Endoscopy System, allowing physicians and medical practitioners to speed up analysis of medical information from hours to minutes. Capsule endoscopy generates massive amounts of data; information is transmitted for up to eight hours and more than 50,000 pictures are generated in the process. Effective management of the information and images is critical to the success of a diagnosis. Jinshan's new system shortens the processing time from several hours to five minutes, which improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the diagnosis. 

Here is how it works: the patient wears a special vest and ingests a thumbnail-sized "smart capsule" that contains a camera, battery and wireless transceiver that relays images in real-time. The capsule surveys the patient's digestive system and transmits digital signals, via the vest, to the doctor's computer. It can also re-adjust the imaging quality and frequency based on the doctor's instructions via remote-controlled, two-way communication. 

"Together with IBM, Jinshan is launching a new chapter in the Chinese healthcare industry," said Li Xiangdong, CTO, Jinshan. "Data management, analysis and picture selection after physical examinations are very complicated, and that's where our global digital image and data center will play an important role in the future. The technology will help Jinshan increase its market competitiveness and optimize its product performance." 

As part of the collaboration, Jinshan will use IBM's imaging workstation on its own products in the hospitals and IBM will provide training to the medical practitioners. Ultimately, IBM's technology will be used to connect the information system of the hospitals in China supported by Jinshan, allowing the use of capsule endoscopy for routine health examination for citizens. 

Qian Dejun, General Manager, IBM Chongqing Branch, said, "IBM has been playing a key role of promoting the digitalization of China's healthcare service. Combining the capsule endoscope technology with information technologies, our collaboration enables this high-end healthcare technology to benefit the citizens of China. IBM is committed to helping build the next generation of regional healthcare information services and a smarter healthcare system for China." 

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