IBM, Security Dynamics and RSA Announce Agreements for Integrating Security Solutions

Security Framework to Become Incorporated Across Products

Select a topic or year"> - 12 Jan 1998: -- IBM, Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc. and RSA Data Security, Inc. today announced a set of agreements designed to allow corporate users to more easily select and integrate security products providing features such as single sign-on, cryptography, authentication services and encryption for their networks.

Together, these agreements establish the framework for an open, multi-vendor environment for integrating and deploying enterprise security solutions for applications using the public key encryption method developed by RSA Data Security. This environment will help ensure that the participating companies' products will work together and allow vendors to create compatible security solutions.

Security Dynamics and RSA are joining IBM in adopting the Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA), which has been approved as a specification by The Open Group, as part of the foundation for this integration. The companies are also acknowledging the IBM Key Recovery Extensions to CDSA, KeyWorks, as the common means of backing up and recovering PKI encryption keys. In addition, IBM, Security Dynamics and RSA intend to build CDSA support into their products, as well as develop and deliver toolkits that include support for CDSA, enabling developers to build interoperable security solutions. The companies also will work to ensure that their respective security services integrate, saving enterprise customers the difficulty of integrating disparate products.

"With these announcements, IBM further demonstrates leadership in providing end-to-end integrated security solutions for our customers," said Kathy Kincaid, director, I/T security at IBM. "Providing effective e-business solutions requires broad interoperability, and these agreements will accelerate our ability to deliver secure, Web-based offerings."

"Our customers are insisting upon interoperability of their enterprise security solutions. Our agreement with IBM is an excellent example of vendors working together to ensure that their products are interoperable," said Dave Power, senior vice president of marketing and corporate development at Security Dynamics. "This strategic relationship has been formed to provide companies with the means to deploy open, standards-based security within their organizations, in a way that respects and supports their existing infrastructures. We are delighted to be working with IBM to realize the potential of CDSA and key recovery."

"IBM and Security Dynamics will lead the way in creating security infrastructure products for the enterprise" said Jim Bidzos, president of RSA Data Security, Inc. "RSA's Certificate Security Suite components and tools, with built-in support for CDSA, will allow application developers to more quickly and reliably create solutions that integrate into these enterprise environments."
A number of additional agreements were also announced:

providing expanded platform support and integrating RSA's BSAFE cryptography engine in the framework. In addition, RSA expects to further enhance the technology by adding higher-level protocol support and toolkits -- such as S/MAIL, RSA's S/MIME application toolkit for building secure applications -- on top of CDSA.

"Intel is pleased to see the CDSA framework become a significant part of enterprise security solution offerings," said Michael Glancy, general manager of Intel Platform Security Division at Intel. "In order to obtain robust, cost-effective security, enterprises must build on application independent security standards."

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