IBM Supports the City of Pilsen, Czech Republic with 'Smart City' Vision

New Smart IT Infrastructure Will Bring Increased Efficiency to Pilsen Municipality and Support Introduction of e-Government Services

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PILSEN, Czech Republic - 02 Jul 2009: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the ICT Administration Office of the City of Pilsen (SITMP) have announced details of a new four-year contract, based on which IBM will participate in the strategic development of the information system for the City of Pilsen. The new system will bring benefits to the city, its subsidiary companies, other municipality-funded organizations and the citizens of Pilsen.

IBM and the Pilsen Municipality will cooperate in building the foundations of a "smart city" that will use state-of-the-art information technologies to improve the efficiency of the city's internal processes and provide better access to information and public services for the 170,000 citizens of Pilsen. The new information system will be based on software from SAP, which IBM consultants will implement and develop as part of the agreement.

"It is vital for the future that we transform our cities into accessible, dynamic and thriving communities," said Vladek Slezingr, Global Business Services Leader, IBM Czech Republic. "In cities like Pilsen, technology provides a cost effective way of making local systems and infrastructure smarter, improving the quality of life for citizens."

The first stage of the project is the implementation of the city's Human Resource management system, which supports the city, its districts and the municipal police. The project will help to increase the efficiency of HR and payroll processes, improve management of education and training programs and increase the security of HR data.

Another goal of the collaboration is to leverage the information system to boost the business activities of Pilsen Urban Transport Company Inc. (Plzenske Mestske Dopravni Podniky Inc.), a subsidiary company of the city of Pilsen, which provides urban transportation services for the citizens of the city.

The new contract, which was signed in November 2008, builds on an earlier agreement between IBM and SITMP to implement new functionalities within the SAP system for the City's internal processes such as the planning, monitoring and assessment of the city's budget.

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