IBM To Ship Three Candle Middleware Products With Its MQSeries

Making It Easy for Customers to Implement, Configure and Maintain their MQSeries Applications and Networks

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SOMERS, N.Y. & SANTA MONICA, Calif. - 17 Feb 1998: IBM and Candle Corporation announced today that Candle will package three middleware products with IBM's MQSeries to help customers speed their applications to production.

When customers open their MQSeries software package, they will have a selection of Candle solutions that will enable them to test the MQSeries applications, configure their MQSeries networks and manage the MQSeries-based computing enterprises.

The initial Candle package to be bundled with IBM's MQSeries is the Candle Command Center® Admin Pac for MQSeries. It will be available in the summer of 1998 and includes:

1. A fully functioning version of PQEdit, Candle's application development tool that helps speed applications to production.

2. A special single-user version of Candle Command Center for MQSeries Configuration, which is a product that simplifies configuration and management of MQSeries networks.

3. A customized version of Candle Command Center for MQSeries, Candle's MQSeries availability management solution, that provides customers with reports on their MQSeries networks and applications.

The platforms supported are MVS, AIX, OS/2, Windows NT, HP-UX and Sun Solaris.

All three products in the Candle Command Center Admin Pac will be packaged maintenance-free. If users need maintenance, Candle will offer a maintenance contract. Alternatively, once users become comfortable with the products or as soon as they need maintenance or support, they can upgrade to the Candle Command Center Management Pac for MQSeries, which will provide fully functioning versions of the two Candle Command Center products, along with complete support for all three products.

Customers who wish to take advantage of special pricing for the Candle Command Center Management Pac can secure it immediately. They can sign up for the upgrade through an electronic commerce area on the Candle web site, or through their Candle account manager or Business Partner. The same range of platforms are supported.

"Our agreement with IBM will enable us to deliver proven solutions that will help customers implement solutions for real-world issues, such as secure electronic commerce, application integration and management and supply chain connectivity," said Bob LaBant, president and chief operating officer, Candle Corporation.

This new agreement with IBM complements an agreement that both companies executed in October 1997 that gave Candle worldwide rights to resell IBM's MQSeries software. Customers will continue to see increased worldwide support for MQSeries solutions and will find it simpler to do business with both IBM and Candle across a wide range of MQSeries-based solutions.

"The demand for MQSeries solutions is continuing to mushroom as customers look for ways to deploy effective and efficient solutions that enable them to connect their business enterprises," said Colin Osborne, business manager of IBM's MQSeries business unit. "Our agreement with Candle will offer customers a way to simplify the implementation and management of their MQSeries applications at no additional charge."

About MQSeries

IBM's MQSeries enables users to exchange information between different applications, regardless of different hardware and operating systems, by sending data as messages. The award-winning software is available on more than 25 different platforms. It enables application integration throughout the enterprise by use of a simple, high-level application programming interface that shields developers from operating systems and network complexities and enables them to concentrate on application design. MQSeries' asynchronous technology assures message delivery even when programs or networks fail or the target system is temporarily unavailable.

About Candle Corporation

Candle Corporation of Santa Monica, California, is a leading independent developer and supplier of Solutions for Networked Businesses. To help customers connect, integrate and manage their applications, Candle offers products, solutions and services in the areas of application integration, application management and performance and availability management.

For more information on Candle Corporation, visit the company's home page on the World Wide Web at, or call them at 800/843-3970. Customers can also buy solutions from Candle Direct at 800/972-2635.

About IBM

IBM, the world's largest software provider, creates, develops and manufactures the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. IBM offers complete information about the company, its products, services and technology to Internet users throughout the World Wide Web. The IBM home page is located at

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