IBM Introduces Economical Wireless Solution For Law Enforcement - Providing Real-Time Access To Critical Information

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Atlanta - 23 Feb 1998: . . . From the safety of the patrol car, law enforcement officers can now have real-time access to critical information from local, state and federal databases - including criminal, vehicle and driver information, even mug shots and photos of missing children - with IBM eNetwork* Law Enforcement Express.

eNetwork Law Enforcement Express, the latest addition to the eNetwork wireless software product line from IBM, offers law enforcement agencies a complete range of the information they need in a package that is affordable and easier than ever to install, maintain and use.

eNetwork Law Enforcement Express extends the reach of host- and Web-based applications to the mobile patrol force by allowing law enforcement agencies to take advantage of available Internet and intranet information in real-time. Based on client/server architecture, it features a graphical interface that is activated by the touch of a pen, keyboard or mouse, and runs on a variety of mobile hardware platforms, from basic laptop computers to units specifically designed for public safety.

Through the combination of public safety applications and wireless network access, law officers can quickly and easily collect, edit and store information at the scene of an incident. The information can then be shared immediately with other local, state and federal law enforcement personnel, keeping databases continually updated.

"By connecting local and state departments to the same data communications network, information can be shared across agency databases, which increases efficiency and heightens officer safety," said Julie Roberson, IBM's eNetwork mobile product manager. "For example, an officer making a routine stop anywhere in the state can quickly retrieve information, such as outstanding criminal warrants on the individual in question, and respond accordingly."

eNetwork Law Enforcement Express also offers support for a text-to-voice module that automatically "speaks" vital information to the officer, eliminating the need to read the computer screen while driving. Additionally, alphanumeric messaging can be sent and received, permitting silent communication between dispatch, other mobile units and/or headquarters. If a unit is out of range, the system application will hold the message and deliver it when the vehicle returns within range.

"We wanted to free up our officers to do what the public wants them to do - improve public safety," said Gerry Wethington, director of Information Systems Division, Missouri State Highway Patrol. "Our goal was to find a solution that could help us automate patrol officer dispatching, time accounting and field contact reports to aid the department in managing incident based reporting. IBM eNetwork Law Enforcement Express will help us meet this goal."

eNetwork Law Enforcement Express provides end-to-end data security by encrypting all data and messages based on the Data Encryption Standard. Additional security features include a two-way user identification and authentication feature.

This IBM solution also improves accuracy and efficiency. The on-scene accident/incident reporting system allows the officer to prepare and submit reports at the scene of the accident. By using the icons and templates provided, the officer has the ability to produce accident and crime scene diagrams. This feature can result in reduced errors, lower administrative costs and improved service through saved personnel hours and faster report turnaround.

Pricing and Availability

As part of the overall IBM e-business initiative, eNetwork Law Enforcement Express will be available in the U.S. beginning February 27. Law enforcement agencies can choose an affordable IBM eNetwork Law Enforcement Express solution that best meets their needs, ranging from the basic communications client with gateway and services to a solution that includes advanced law enforcement applications. The solution, consisting of software and services, is available for a monthly usage fee ranging from $250 to $295 (U.S.) per vehicle. (Hardware is purchased separately.)

IBM eNetwork Law Enforcement Express is an open, standards-based wireless solution that can be used in a wide variety of public and private networks, allowing expandability and agency interoperability. It can be run on commonly used data networks such as AMPS, CDPD, ARDIS, RAM Mobile Data, Motorola RD-LAP and DATARADIO. These networks can be used in any combination, meaning a statewide system is not limited to a specific network and local agencies can choose the most cost effective wireless carrier. Integration with other public safety software applications, such as Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management and Automated Vehicle Location, is also supported.

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